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Leftism and liberalism are sociopathic ways to talk about real and obvious truths

What it says on the tin. One of my favorite bloggers is Zippy Catholic, who is fond of saying that many problems of liberalism can be explained as sociopathic manifestations of reality pushing through.  That is, liberalism may be ideologically confused and contradictory, especially the form known as leftism, but all this means is that … Continue reading

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Dear conservatives, women are not having large families except on the internet per their (fictional?) husbands.

  Because I am a data fan, I looked into the census data on fertility, especially for white non-Hispanic women, who make up most of your typical pool of conservatives in America.  And what I found is that the data supports my contention that women are simply not having more than four children and most … Continue reading

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Liberal feminists and the Manosphere have something in common– maternal misogyny

They get there via different paths, but they end up in the same place, piling on mothers for the crime of wanting to live in an actual community that supports them in the difficult work of raising children.  And if those mothers stay home, well, then the real flames and knives come out from cat … Continue reading

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I was partially wrong about conservatives and cheap food.

After more seriously perusing the data, families and especially the kind that are conservative-tending (more than two kids, SAHM, Christian) really are up against it food wise and food isn’t quite as cheap in America as it sometimes seems.  When you have three or five or seven kids slamming into puberty within a year or … Continue reading