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White American women have never been highly fertile

I was looking around in old Census data the other month and stumbled upon a fairly shocking bit of demographic information–white American women have pretty much always been at the lower end of fertility.  I am defining “American” here as “after 1776″.  They were having only a couple kids per woman way back in the 1840s … Continue reading

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SAHM and Male Breadwinner selection bias, Christian conservative edition

Due to the hourglassing of male income, the type of guy who can earn enough to support a SAHM is something of an outlier.  Likewise, the kind of woman who is ok with staying home in the first place is no longer conventional in personality because SAHM as a choice is so denigrated and constrained. … Continue reading

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Dear Vox Day, we’re already Mothering Up, but society is not Communitying Up

Vox Day offers some suggestions for normalcy here. However, I have to do a bit of critique, as he preferred that not clutter up the actual comment thread attached. The thing left unsaid in that post is that the right wing ruthlessly exploits unpaid labor already.  It’s what remains of functional church and community social stuff. … Continue reading

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Conservatives never worry that fathers aren’t spending enough time with their kids

Much of the “SAHMs don’t need help” gaslighting revolves around the idea that if mom spends thirty seconds away from the kids, they are doomed and she doesn’t really love them, but nobody ever has this feeling that daddy will go unrecognized after he comes home from 8/10/12 hours of working outside the home. Curious, considering … Continue reading

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Sarah Palin is Lisa Jackson

In both cases the people in question were slack about doing their jobs and that is why they had the ‘secret’ email accounts.  Less paperwork/weeding through hundreds of emails.  Less…work. Also, both nailed by their own provincialism. I picked these two examples because the media treated one example verrrry differently than the other, both the … Continue reading

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Some ideas for real human biodiversity (HBD) research

Breastmilk production, nutritional variation, infant and toddler behavior, conception differences. Just a few little things.  It’s unfortunate that the term “human biodiversity” has pretty much been hijacked by people obsessed with test scores or proxies for test scores (and proxy can mean “pulled straight from nether regions” as often as it means “reasonable substitute for … Continue reading

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There are more news headlines about gay marriage than gay marriages

This is according to the American Community Survey, which can’t be considered a conservative bastion by anyone anywhere.  Even with massive incentives to round up or estimate high, the ACS could only find about 500k gay and lesbian “marriages” in the United States.  The actual number of legal marriages or civil unions is around 200k, or about … Continue reading