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Highly intelligent women have never been very fecund

Men like to suggest that highly intelligent women routinely were very fertile and that they have a low fertility rate these days because of FEMINISM. But this is not an easy question to answer.  Women who are very intelligent are even less common than highly intelligent men and it is pretty clear from the historical … Continue reading

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Market salary for a housekeeper/cook/nanny is 35-50k/yr

This is just for the people who claim that a grown woman who really was raised with full domestic skills in those things, including household inventory management and orderly cleaning routines and a decent time spent in child caring has zero money-making skills and is completely doomed if her husband dies or leaves.  It’s not … Continue reading

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Real Talk for SAHMs: Are conservative SAHMs trapped in a sick system?

From an interesting (but childless) permanent student who goes by Issendai here.  Let’s count the ways. The Rules of a Sick System Rule 1: Keep them too busy to think.  We know all about Superwife syndrome and the endless performance pressure on conservative SAHMs to be busybusybusy.  Leisure time is not even in the vocabulary. Rule 2: … Continue reading

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The problem with an overscaled, anti-natalist society, Oklahoma infant death edition

The title is gruesome because the situation is gruesome.  But it is also an example of how gigantic and numerous the obstacles are to a society where it’s less terrible to try to have children. Recently in Oklahoma, a young couple where both parents worked full time had an 11 week old infant in full-time … Continue reading

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The primary c-section obstacle to large families

This one will be a quickie because state level data is a huge headache to assemble, but nationally, 25-30% of first births are primary c-sections. About 33% of births each year are c-sections, but the exact amount which are first births varies more year to year.  Further, starting that way limits the feasible number of … Continue reading