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Without normal married men, there is no welfare state.

If the marriage rate for normal couples was the same as the rate for homosexual couples (about 5% of that population), there would simply not be enough tax revenue at any level to fund the massive apparatus of federal, state and local programs.  The two main sources of net personal revenue are married men with SAHMs and … Continue reading

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Repost:There are more news headlines about gay marriage than gay marriages

This is according to the American Community Survey, which can’t be considered a conservative bastion by anyone anywhere.  Even with massive incentives to round up or estimate high, the ACS could only find about 500k gay and lesbian “marriages” in the United States.  The actual number of legal marriages or civil unions is around 200k, or about … Continue reading

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The value of siblings

Parents can’t pull fast ones on the kids, preserves family history more coherently, lowers risk of incestuous parent-child emotions developing. Part of the horror of modern narcissism is the way in which parents cheat their child or “perfect two” children out of access to a continuous family history and further leave them vulnerable to emotional … Continue reading

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More on pioneer and settler greed

Something that is always left out of the portrayal of pioneers and settlers as secular saints is how rapacious they were.  FDR’s administration had to intervene during the Depression because whites only a generation or so removed from pioneers were so careless with forest harvesting that they were creating massive hazards and epic forest fires. … Continue reading

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The merits of properly liberal education.

Define it and explain why it’s important  and why it got tied to a career, it is certainly not because it proves you can show up reliably for 4 years. A properly liberal education is important and it is beyond my tired self today to explain how it got tied to a career and college … Continue reading

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Don’t sex cult the marriage bed.

This doesn’t mean avoid married sex, obviously, but there is a strain in Americans and of late conservatives the last generation or so of sex culting the marriage bed.  Christians are prone to this subverted gnosticism, prizing the intimacy of the marriage bed in too earthy and incontinent a fashion, denying that marriage is not … Continue reading

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It’s the little greed that kills.

Just a quickie about how it’s the small relatively low paying but easy/fun/flexible work situations that are eating up all our money collectively, not so much the Wall Streeters (although they are certainly getting their percentage out of it all).  This is an example.  That article is about government work as a family business, … Continue reading