“All states experienced an increase in the percentage of interracial and interethnic married-couple households from 2000 to 2012-2016.”

“The percentage of married-couple households that are interracial or interethnic grew across the United States from 7.4 to 10.2 percent from 2000 to 2012-2016.”

From interracial marriage reporting from the Census Bureau.

ETA an interesting note from a working paper about health status in interracial relationships. “Having a White partner is associated with higher self-rated health for Hispanic, Black, and Asian men and women, relative to having a partner of one’s own race/ethnicity. For White women, but not for White men, having a non-White partner is associated with worse self-rated health. ”



In 2017, there are about 1 million black people married to nonblack people in America.

About half have kids under 18, and 70% are black guys married to nonblack women, while 30% are black women married to nonblack men.

There’s about 63 million married couples, of which around 24 million have kids under 18.

There’s about 4 million black-black married couples, of which 1/3 have kids under 18.  This means interracial marriage makes up 25% of black married households for school-aged kids but only 1/6 for black married households with no kids under 18.