Notes and slogans for better education policy, plus teen BAs are shooting upwards

Much of this was responses to a deleted discussion about student loan forgiveness and changing education policy to shift voters. Collated and edited for blog posting.

Married parents and higher-income singles have college debt to keep their well-paying jobs, increasingly. Hard to sell people on making a 100k earner’s life easier when they went 20 or 40k in debt to keep earning 100k.

The increase in MA/MS credentials is driven by employed white collar professionals seeking to maintain their salaries or transition into higher paying positions/industries.

The easiest path to breaking the education mafia is by forcing dual enrollment caps to be blasted wide open. 17yos getting BAs instead of grinding AP classes to go to uni at 18 will do more to force uni (and suburban public school) administrator hands than people grasp.

“Let teenagers skip high school bullying and get free college at age 14!” I think plenty of average voters can suss that one well enough.

“Free college in high school!” Parents vote, and they are the ones still trying to get their kids BAs at 19-20 despite the caps. So you lift those and married parents stop voting 50% Dem. Flipping known voters red is better.

In the wake of covid and massive increases in college attendance among teenagers and preteens (you read that one right), it’s more the case than ever that we’re seeing high school as the weak link in modern managerial social climbing.  We are, interestingly, close to an intolerant minority (2-3%) of parents homeschooling or part-time private schooling elementary for flexibility, manual labor hobbies and outdoor time and then shifting the kids into full time junior high  and sports in preparation for early college coursework at 14-15.  The explosion in outdoor and forest preschools and schools is very under the radar, but still quite real.  With only about 35m kids aged 0-11 and with the average family having two kids, you don’t need more than 300k or so families going this route to start bumping up against a critical mass percentage.  

We’re on track to have under 21 bachelor’s degrees take up 1/3 or more of bachelor’s issued before 2025.  Currently the under 20 number alone is somewhere around 1/10 to 1/7.  There are some major class war seeds being planted.  It’s gonna get raw sooner rather than later.  Just a quick google shows critical race theory fans and stans working on articles about the racism and privilege of dual enrollment (which was developed at least in part to provide more college access to promising black students).