What is the Benedict Option?

It is a catchy phrase popularized by Rod “Crunchy Con never took off, so I’m trying again” Dreher.  He’s turning it into a book, but the short version is that Christians should aspire to live in intentional communities like the Benedictines started out as, but without the celibacy, holiness, infrastructure and properly ordered hierarchy of authority figures.

This blog (which is also going to become several books, but not before Mr. Dreher’s one comes out, though) is at least partly meant to be about how Christians, conservatives and conservative Christians can do something like a “Benedict Option” in a serious way.  What infrastructure is needed, what does the village need to look like, what institutions do we need to form or revive, and so on.  Practical, real questions that as I work through the ideas in blog form to make my book outlines will come to have practical, real answers.

The time for abstraction is over, we need to brass tack it up if we really want to preserve the preciously abstracted entity known as Western Civ.

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