Men and Childcare

In quite a few traditional societies, including Northern European and Anglo-Saxon ones that many conservatives hail from or identify with, men are traditionally supposed to know basic childcare.  The Boomer and Silent ignorance among men in deracinated white America is a historical blip due to wartime concerns and scientism (a way of thinking about household management and domestic life as perfectible with scientific theories and processes).  Men of even the first World War generations knew some basic childcare.  They were not expected to replace having other women or young girls around for childcare help, but they were expected to have a basic knowledge of how to feed and clothe an infant.

I would note that this is very different from the modern equalist notion that the husband is supposed to do half or more of the baby/infant/toddler stuff and NOBODY ELSE CAN EVER.  A lot of conservatives with this mindset are raising very unhealthily socialized children and I’m not sure where it comes from.  Probably the obsession with a nuclear family as perfect when it’s completely isolated from other relationships (which is madness, but a definite fringe of conservatives even more than American liberals clearly are super into this notion that other humans are creepy and scary beyond business interactions).

Point is, men should know what to do and how to do it regarding childcare of small children,  but they just aren’t women and shouldn’t be expected to do baby stuff as often or as much or the same way as women can, will and prefer.

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