Hardwood is classic.

Rugs and hardwoods, together at last.


A possible kitchen idea, we already have the flooring in a similar color.


We had to put in hardwood flooring and get rid of a bunch of wall to wall carpet because it was an allergy sore spot and and also super gross with little kids who like to play in the dirt.  We don’t have the drop lights or the ceilings of the first picture and in fact I find it a little much, but we do prefer that kind of tasseled, patterned Persian rug and the wood chairs in the photo.



The old ways are best (but I still don’t follow recipes)

We have started eating traditional foods for our family’s main heritage.  It does help with a lot of the winter issues, although the learning curve is pretty high.  We’ve been buying pickled herring

It’s not bad, though dill pickling is much better.

and have discovered that a majority of the family is on board.

T.W.O., as his forefathers did, likes pickled beets as well.

Not made by his actual aunt Nellie.

Honestly, the food selection is pretty basic, eggs and whatever meats are still edible in the cellar, root vegetables and any herbs you’ve dried or are willing to grow indoors are the other sorts of things to pick from.  But when you’re eating what people have been eating for centuries, it seems to go easier.  Vitamin D from traditional food also seems to get absorbed better than even liquid supplements, even though technically it’s a smaller amount.

Anyway we’re tired of buying store pickled herring and will be making our own next year.  It’s pretty easy and always tastes better than even the really good stuff in commercial jars.  We go through a LOT of herring, hahahaha.

Maker space

Some new shelving from T.W.O., replacing a terrible pullout pantry with regular wood shelves.




We’ve been seeing less kitchen clutter since the change.  Papering or additional finishing is probably a summer project, though.

The kids wanted to race each other, so they made a starting line.

We politely requested that the dirt go back to the nice plants who needed it, so this picture is all that remains.

And lastly but not leastly, as the old poem says, only God can make a tree.