Why I don’t post recipes

Despite being a housewife, I don’t really rely on recipes when cooking.  If I am doing a lot of the cooking, I just tend to cook some meat, some vegetables and some sort of tuber/starch in large enough amounts to not require daily cooking.  My husband uses recipes, but also does a similar sort of batch cooking when he is doing a lot of the cooking.

We don’t arrange our household around cooking multiple fresh meals daily.  It’s not part of the traditional housewife standard for the ethnic cultures we hail from.  And we’re more interested in living in accordance with what we can of our actual traditions vs. the made-up ones that a lot of people advocate for silly ideological reasons.

So as much as I’d like to leaven the sometimes heavy content here with food pictures and cutesy recipes slightly modified from a Bisquick can or Trader Joe’s package or Food Network, I really can’t.

So that’s why there’s no recipes on a blog run by a housewife.

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