The high earning power couple is more myth than reality.

Most married women and especially most married mothers earn 0-30% of the money.  Married women are especially allergic to earning 100% of the income.  That number stays down in 2% territory, even as there are modest increases in women earning more than their husbands to about 1/4 of all married households.  Men earn 100% of the income nearly 20% of the time, nearly an order of magnitude more frequently.

Further, women outearning their husbands tend to earn 2/3 of the total household income while men outearning their wives tend to earn 75-80% of the total household income.  The six-figure woman is still more myth than reality.  At 200k, that’s dad making 150-200k, not both making 100k, as a rule.  This is a frequent view of the increased cost of marriage and parenthood, but it’s not accurate.  It’s not all power couples with big salaries, that’s not very common.

At the 200k+ level, only 1/6 of wives are making 60% or more of the income.  Twice as many wives are making 0% of the income.  At that level, a majority of wives are bringing 30% or less of total household income.

Even at the 50-75k range, 1/3 of wives earn 0-20% of the household income. Again, only 1/6 are making 60% or more of the income, which is pretty telling.