Mama Magic, oatmeal edition

One of the kids thought it would be a great idea to dump oats into the sugar jar since I said they could have a little sugar with their oatmeal.  Then there were tears since it came up mostly sugar.

I thought I would have to toss it all, but then I remembered something I used to see my own sainted mother do when baking, which was use a sifter.  I didn’t have to use a sifter, I just shook the sugar-oats out with a regular strainer into a mixing bowl.  The oats were greatly reduced in sugar content and had maybe 1tsp a serving, while the sugar just had some oat powder left behind.  Breakfast was salvaged for another few days (my children eat like the war horses at the local stable) and now I have a new kitchen task to train them on.

But the sugar jar is no longer in kid-reach.


In which Girard is very pleased with his good behavior.

Water feature or pond? You decide!

G: “I didn’t mess with the water future!”

Me: “That’s very good.  But it’s water ‘feature’.”

G: “I didn’t go near the water future!”

Me: “Feature.  Water feature.”

G:”I didn’t throw things in the pond!”


Why we still have globomegacorp, Barnes and Noble edition

They throw crumbs to us and we gratefully accept them.  Barnes and Noble started selling pleasing-looking, original-text editions of classic adult and children’s literature (yes, even including Tarzan and Barsoooooooommmmmmm) for 10 dollars each, 20-25 each for multi-book omnibuses of 3-5 novels.

It’s not something the local bookstore can do.

Anyway there goes the book budget for this month.  But building the youth library just got a little less stressful.

ETA Momnotes: There were a bunch of moms with little kids there.  But the Asian moms had 1 kid and grandma in tow.  They looked suspiciously less harried than the other moms (including me) with 1-2 kids in tow and no other woman there alongside.  One was practically mellow and super chill.  But then grandma was doing all the chasing when her little guy would make a break for a new play area.

The only thing I did different from the other grandma-less moms was tell my kids that I wasn’t going to tail them every step and if they didn’t want to play 10 feet away from me in direct line of sight, then they were going to watch me go through books.  So that’s what they did.  I hope I got 50% less tantrum for standing my free-range ground.  These things are hard to measure.

Reviving Castle Ladyhawke

That is my current name for where we moved to.  It doesn’t look much like the former wedding venue, but it does have neo-medieval touches and flourishes we’d like to intensify.

Not actually our Castle Ladyhawke.

I hope it comes out as we’d like, but it’s a multi-year, multi-stage undertaking and we’re at stage “Hey, let’s blog-name the place Castle Ladyhawke because the movie’s aesthetic is one we’d like to put into our remodeling and additions!”




“Honey, I’m tired of steak every day.”

T.W.O. voiced this thought aloud a few days ago when we were going over how long it would take us to be unpacked.  His guess is late summer, mine is late spring.  I am always optimistic in such matters.

I laughed because it’s pretty funny.  Anyway I gave him the other half of my chicken salad and he was happy, although it sent him on a quest to learn all there is to learn about the caper.

We eat steak (frequently but not always on a bed of vegetables) a lot because it’s nearly impossible to mess up when you’re exhausted and the kids will sometimes eat a little of it.  But if they won’t it’s easy to give them eggs with their vegetables and let them eat bread for their starch.

His break was temporary, it’s going to be sirloin tonight. Which is, technically, not steak every day this week.

Early impressions from the Lion’s Den

  • Crime is at night, in the wee hours.  There is not much of it, and it is almost entirely resolved by locking your car doors before going inside.  Apparently people (not cops though) telling other people to leave their windows down to avoid breakage just causes thieves to laugh heartily in a low-crime area and cackle at the easy loot.
  • More open attitudes towards occasional and part-time use of childcare while mom is home.  More teenage girls available to offer it.
  • Weirdly, living in million to two million dollar lakefront homes makes people hate property taxes with a burning passion not extinguished by taking the boat out for a lake barbeque.