Who is The Practical Conservative?

  1. I am a Christian, Reformed Baptist edition.  Some call that Calvinist.  I call it Biblical.
  2. I am a stay-at-home wife and mother. I have servants and think everyone should.  I just don’t have enough of them. Our household is just that traditional and pro-patriarchy.
  3. I am a beautiful black Viking lady-wife married to The White Oppressor, or T.W.O. for short.  T.W.O. got me 23andMe testing for one of my birthdays and it turns out I’m black&Nordic.  He wanted me to post a picture of a black Viking, but there are no female ones out there, alas.
  4. I am profoundly insecure.
  5. I need a place to talk about politics as The White Oppressor has this condition where, when a woman starts talking about politics, he stops listening. It makes a lot of people angry, but you can’t blame a man for having a condition.
  6. My dream is to start homesteading and raise Scottish Highland Cattle. Mullet cows, grazing placidly to the peaceful strains of AC/DC.
  7. I have no domestic skills whatsoever. Thanks, mom.
  8. I have fearless, inexhaustible children, they do not let me sleep.
  9. Politically, I think everything went wrong in 1454. I’m not sure what happened then, but 1453 was a good year.
  10. This blog will be combative. I need a place where I can tell people that they’re wrong without having them throw mashed potatoes at me.


Economically I am neither capitalist nor socialist, but distributist.  My version is techno-distributism, which notices that we have lots of fancy technology that wasn’t around during the early 20th century when distributism was first devised and also notices the role of women and that no economic system will last if it doesn’t consider them seriously.

Politically, more formally, I am working it out on this very blog.  But for now call me anti-incumbent and anti-bureaucrats who don’t serve their town/city/county/state/country but only their own little fiefdoms of power.  I’m also natalist, and totally support government policies that encourage natalist behavior.  However, they do not consist of tax credits and nothing more and they still must follow from broader social changes occurring that are unlikely to come to fullness in my lifetime. 

Just call me a civic natalist.  I’m all about showing how it’s real civic-minded to support natalist social and economic policy within the American political system as it currently exists.

This blog has a pen name attached, Carolina Hutchenson.

She has a more personal livejournal where she tried some daily momblogging for a few months.  She also has a facebook presence, although mostly that’s just broadcasting posts from here. Carolina will start publishing some fiction next year, although I am not sure whether via self-publishing or with a press.   Carolina is working on something else entirely, non-fiction and statistics-heavy.  That stuff will hit the Medium account first. Carolina is a facet, but not the entire jewel.


3 thoughts on “Who is The Practical Conservative?

  1. Dear Practical Conservative:

    I’ve really enjoyed your blog and like your project.

    I’m an SAHM of 13 years and have read a fair bit on related issues. (And I have some relatives that are amateur historians and do work on pioneer women in the West.) As you get rolling on your book (and as my youngest gets bigger), I would be very happy to do stuff for you.

    I’ve learned a lot from your blog, especially the craziness and ahistoricity of the current conservative belief that prosperous women of the past had large families and did it all alone and with a smile. The evidence against that is in plain sight, but it was only after reading your blog that I realized how backwards that was.

    Feel free to contact me at my email.


  2. I’m pretty much in agreement with you about 1454. Not saying that nothing went wrong before, just that 1454 was a serious downturn.


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