The Bureaucrat Wiki

If people in any segment of the right-wing wanted to do something of immediate practical and probably even political benefit, they could compile a bureaucrat wiki.  Instead of twitter trolling and complaining about how “teh libs” run everything, they could use public data sources to name and identify all the unelected bureaucrats who are pretty much a bunch of petty tin kings and queens making normal life difficult for the rest of us.

Take, for example, the people who keep you from putting up a small shed in your yard.  Being able to go to a wiki and punch in your state and county and city and see who those people were, what their office hours were, and where the information is publicly available, their career trajectory would be immensely useful.  Because then you could go to their office and sit there with a list of questions nonviolently requesting some accountability.

This would also work with school system administrators, the environmental and food police, and even the tax authorities, along with all the unelected people who have job titles like “Awareness Coordinator”.  I’ve done some experiments along these lines back when I had only one infant underfoot and it is really amazing what is publicly available in the form of just biographies on government websites and the like (not complex digging into technically-public things like property tax databases, but just normal basic searches).

There’s no reason these people should be hiding, they are public servants, the information is already there in many cases, it just needs to be assembled in one easy place.  This is where crowdsourcing would be useful and a profitable expenditure of time.

I’ll be over here waiting for someone on the right to take this idea and do something with it.

ETA: Vox Day is going in the right direction.  His ilk have suggestions in that thread that are not too bad as well.

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