The 1% is the 10% for married parents.

There are over a million households in “the 1%”  because we have over 100 million households.  Something like 127 million, according to the most recent numbers.  Families make up about 65% of this total.  However, they make up well north of 80% of the households in “the 1%”.

This means that for the top half of married parent households, around 1 in 10 of them is a “1%” household.

The expensive state of married parenthood in 2018.

  • 40% of married parents had 10k/month or higher household incomes.
  • 51% had incomes of 100k/yr or higher.
  • 67% had incomes of 75k/yr or higher.
  • Less than 18% had incomes below 50k/yr.

The distribution shifted further upward since 2017, with the percentage of married parent households earning 50k or less shrinking nearly 10%, which was a big contributor to that 51% above 100k milestone number.