Capstone Follies, no fiction writing for mamma edition.

I came up short on my own writing goals, including a big fat zero on fiction wordcount because I spent the week helping one of my kids with a massive capstone project.  And yes, I didn’t think it would take all week and that I’d have some time to write.  But it didn’t work out that way.

There’s always next week though!

I got so much done this week I didn’t have time to put up a picture.

I could put the calendar up again with more progress on it, but I am at the point of clear surfaces and having a functional workspace and just being completely on track to do something that isn’t scutwork– writing fiction and nonfiction!


Yes, I was surprised, but I have gotten enough of the filing and sorting done that I can start working on creative projects again.  So I’m going to stay on a public accountability track, but it’s switching as of Monday to posting writing updates.

The target for Monday-Saturday next week is three posts of 500 or more words, and 2k words of fiction.  This target is not only attainable, it is attainable within my current much lower “scutwork” load and homeschooling requirements.

Next Saturday I look forward to discussing what I’ve written for the week as an update.  Catch you later.