Sending fiction to the back burner (writing update)

As I’ve posted, I hoped to get a little bit of fiction published this year and start working under a pen name more regularly.  But alternatives exclude and to get some nonfiction done that I think is ultimately more important to do over the next five years, I’m just setting the idea of submitting stories aside.

I’d like to make (more) money writing fiction and see how high the tally can go, but I don’t have 72 hours a day and something nonessential has to be put aside, very hopefully temporarily.

So, on to nonfiction, which is harder, takes longer and which I can’t really post online sooner than next year unless things go super awesome for me this year.  Here’s hoping.


Spring Cleaning and very belated writing update

So I’ve been spending most of my time decluttering, making plans for further decluttering and prepping for house stuff, kid stuff and various other life stuff that is on the menu for this calendar year.  Story submission is not happening sooner than April, pretty likely.

Some posts coming up about The Feminine Mystique, it’s interesting to me anyway how nothing’s changed since Betty Friedan wrote it.

Searching for the science of comedy, finding old musings instead

Most people don’t know this, but comedy can be disassembled and deconstructed and why certain sounds and jokes are funny can be written up.  At one point we sat down and did that very thing.  I can’t find the notebook though.

I found instead that I’ve been starting journals and losing them over and over again since my first child was born around the time of Occupy Wall Street.  Since I stopped having anyone to nurse of late, I was finally able to gather some of them together.  There’s general journalling, book journalling and some interesting notes and sketches for planned novels and novellas.  Right now the one I’m looking at was started and is almost entirely from late 2015 and has a brief book note about Anne of Green Gables and a very extensive set of notes about a polemical book I reviewed a a while later. The last page for that year has some notes about books I planned to read when I though I’d write more about the frontier.  And this:

“Marriage civilizes women

Fatherhood civilizes men”.

I already have some characters I’d love to attribute those words to.


The last written page is actually not from 2015, though.  I skipped some blanks sometime last year and started anew with writing notes.  One is for a children’s series Dagmar dictated.  The rest of the page is a bunch of calculations from which I was deriving triplet birth rates by educational attainment and college attendance rates crossed against income levels.

I tend to feel like I do very little writing by hand, and just putter about for months on end doing not much.  But I clearly keep trying and doing so for weeks at a time, so there must be something there.