Turns out actual antiques are quite cheap to furnish a house with.

The NYT is on the case.  Apparently real antiques of the look and feel we’d like for our remodelling are now cheaper than “high-end” mangowood, pine and various other kinds of reproduction veneer furniture.  And it’s due to extremely rapid social and lifestyle changes.

Anyway the article mentions the cheerful up note that Gen X, whose youngest members are not yet 40, still has  fondness for the antique look.


The real choice addiction: educating the kids in the Lion’s Den.

Private bilingual Montessori?  If so, which of French, Spanish, German?

Classical public schools? If so, Latin plus Greek or Latin plus Hebrew? And what about the optional extracurricular travel options?

Plain old Montessori? If so, public or private?

Waldorf? Lol, no.

Classical Christian, or just plain Christian?

Public gifted or private gifted?

Homeschool?  Co-op, public-partnership, or fly solo?  But if solo, what about all the tutoring services for homeschoolers offering flexible schedules and a wide range of curriculum?  And oh wait, they also serve some of the co-ops?

I don’t even have to drive to a lot of it.  But I also have no idea what on earth to do because I want the kids to thrive educationally, but I also want them to be adaptable and able to do basic housework and life planning.

We’re still trying to narrow the scope.