Preparing for poverty

Our household has antibodies from a prior infection with the Delta strain of covid.  Because natural immunity doesn’t count in the brave new technocracy, we face the very real possibility of my husband being barred from employment and also from collecting unemployment for not getting onto a shot regimen (two Pfizer shots plus a “booster” plus an unknown number of future “boosters” annually) for something he already has gotten anyway and which confers protection for longer on average than the vaccine regimen, according to oh-so-scientific studies.

I don’t know how long this obviously political rather than science-oriented situation will last, nor are we precisely sure if we will have to sit down and work through our options, but we already assumed this outside chance was well above zero months ago.  We do have options, which is more than many in a similar position can say, and I am grateful.

But long story short, we have to prepare for full-on poverty (including no access to financial accounts or cash, or assets) and I am utterly terrified.  But the faithful have been hungry and cold before, and God’s mercy was still poured out upon them.

It’s terrifying to admit we could be poor, not just because of worries about provision for our kids and ourselves, but also the First World Problem terror of people sneering at you because they think you deserve it for being a high-wage household.  I have always said all we have is money and that doesn’t mean much, and a lot of people, particularly some who spend lots of time nitpicking very nearly anything I say online, ever in various spots, would love to dump on us losing everything material, probably while regurgitating some verified twitter account’s nitpick about how “akshully” we should still get the vaccine for some statistically negligible benefit.

But whatever.  If we did, and were lucky enough to avoid dying (in my specific case I am very likely to die from being vaccinated), we’d still be in the same political spot.  Because boosters.  But again, I am sure the smug anklebiting types have some talking points about how there’s no downside and we’d be ok if we just kept slamming “vaccines” into our bodies every few months just to hang on to money.

Assuming husband would be able to keep working after six or ten “boosters”, since he wouldn’t get disability payments if he was rendered unable to function due to numerous repeated “vaccinations” over a year or two.  It’s in quotes because the closest analog we have regarding the covid “vaccines” is allergy shots, and nobody calls those vaccines.  And they are a last resort rather than a first one.  And doctors discuss extensively the risks with you of taking on high levels of immune system stimulation by introducing allergens into your system.  None of which is being done with this covid thing without the doctor risking a license suspension.

Again, I’m sure the smuggos all had zero problems that one or two or these days three times, so they definitely won’t have problems with repeated injections a minimum of two times per year (every 5 or 6 months), according to the most recent clear as mud government edicts.

I am scared because wage dependence is always scary, and I’m also scared because so very many people are even prouder and vainer than I am and truly believe they will be just fiiiiiinnnneee lining up for booster after booster after booster, and that there will never be even higher-risk experimental treatments mandated, or more prosaic mandates like denying your very faith.  They think they’re protected.  Well, so long as we break with them.  But we can’t.  Not sorry.

Which is worse, my pride being humbled if we face financial suffering for a reasonable choice, or the pride of the people who are responsible for us being in that position?

Because their hysteria and selfishness in the face of the objective truth that risks aren’t equally distributed for covid is why we’re in this mess as a family and more broadly why millions have died and suffered globally.

It’s the fault of the spoiled brats who lurve them some cheap international travel and feel rich ordering cheap Chinese toys and fast fashions every month.  It’s the fault of the antisocial smarmy types who use mask-cults to avoid the social interactions they already hate but desperately wanted social (media) approval for avoiding. It’s the fault of all the horrid, horrid, nasty people who rejected and continue to reject all sane, sensible and sanitary health interventions and medications and treatments in favor of bleating about endless vaccines and eternal masks incoherently, stridently and hatefully.  And with the full support of paper PhDs and other credentialed yet not exactly competent people (yes, including the media).

But smugness is a very hard, brittle shell, rather like obsidian.  If you don’t know the trick to shatter it all at once, it is unassailable.  So I know any of them who will nitpick this will remain untouched, snug in their bug-like shells of smugness.  Another of my many weaknesses and sinful failings is occasional envy of how they can live like that, always hurting other people and supporting in a mealy, soft-hands and viper-voice way, the sociopaths and hysterics and hypocrites who have done such awful things over the last few years, and especially the last 19 months.

And they think they’re really nice people.  They will read this and think I’m mean and “toxic” and loads of other barbs they think are ok to level at small scared ladies like me. They think it’s sophisticated and vaccinated to be unkind and loveless.

But there’s some Weathermen* out there, and a few Weatherwomen* too, and they’re far superior to the ones the mealy folks make weird excuses for.  And they’re preparing as well, and it gives me hope it won’t be so bad.  Hope is a good thing.



*: As of this posting, American-based airlines have been experiencing “weather delays” due to employees being reluctant to get covid shots when their risks due to the nature of their job are extremely high for job-killing and directly lethal side effects.  There’s also been more than a little weather-like resistance among the unionized and/or heavily male professions, even (sotto voce) the one that feeds our family and has contributed to covid tyranny persisting so long.

My parents got to drop us off with relatives for weeks in the summer. We don’t get to.

And for the crime of remembering what my parents got to have in the 1980s without being considered bad parents, I’m reliably and chronically informed that I’m just too mean and hoity toity, princessy, blah blah blah to understand that it’s bad and wrong to want what my parents got to have. That I’m a rotten mother, wife and woman for wanting to be able to have my kids spend summer with some relatives for a week or three.

Oh, and that anyway, we’re not totally broke all the time, why don’t we just peel a few hundys off our stack and have them in camp instead? Well, sorry, I don’t have 3-5k a week lying around for full time sleepaway camp. Because we’re middle class hick proles, not college educated ones.

I am tired, and I am especially tired of the conservative, right wing, “Christian” thing (admittedly American, mostly, but then I live here) of acting like anything outside the nuclear family is bad, including extended family relations.  It’s yet another “not just the internet” thing.  

My kids can’t have what I had because in my family tree, the kids who picked huckleberries and haws with me grew up into adults who are too far flung to park our collective 10-20-30 children with a set of older relatives because not being far flung pretty much led to jail or welfare-level living.  It’s not quite what happened with my husband’s people, but there are some similarities.  Functional family formation meant no ability to drop off kids with relatives for weeks in the summer. 

Doesn’t help that suspiciously many of the older relatives work…almost entirely limited to spring and summers, the exception being sometimes over Christmas break.  And we’ve even in the course of life as married parents run into grandparents of that age who cheerily dropped their own kids off decades ago and now are conveniently unavailable to pay the blessings forward.  

You’re so vain you think this is about you and that personal anecdote you told me in that place that time about the thing.

Self-driving cars are just kidnapping, ransom and trafficking opportunities.

AI or self-driven cars are a nonstarter because they ratchet up the probability of ransom and kidnapping of children and teenagers being a reasonable business model for bad actors in car-dependent areas.

And that’s giving the benefit of the doubt that the technology will both work and leap all legal hurdles to be in frequent enough use for bad actors to figure out they have a buffet of ransomable people tooling around higher-income suburbs and school districts.

A lot of childless young techbro men and a surprising number of older ones who should know better never consider the possibility that if you know cars have no driver but do have passengers, you can interfere with the driving technology and redirect the cars to where you want them to go and then you have captives who obviously come from higher-income strata (relatively speaking) and that means you have walking, talking, very scared sacks of cash sitting in an automated car.  

Given the newfound (oldfound, “white slavery” concerns are so 19th and 20th century) concern about trafficked people, it’s truly remarkable that self-driving car promoters think that married mothers in the “professional managerial class” (PMC or CEWC really) would love to put their children in automated vehicles with no trusted adult in them and that further, this isn’t just painting a target on people in such vehicles.  

An adult would be more able to notice what is happening than a 6-11yo child, but since the whole promotion of this is that you don’t have to pay attention to your surroundings, that may be optimistic.  

Of course, one has to remember that self-driving cars are promoted entirely because millionaire nerds in Silicon Valley are too antisocial to hire chauffeurs and would rather spend billions to avoid paying driver salaries.