What is this all about?

This is very simply my open to the world notebook of ideas about domesticity, right wing populism, sustainable natalism–aka Practical Conservatism.  But a longer and fancier digression remains below for the time being.

This blog is about a more practical, honest, God-centered approach to living life in the normal way.  It’s just these days normal living is called “conservative” or “reactionary” or “counterrevolutionary” or “fundie” or even “Republican” or “right-wing”.

The writing is mostly done by a woman who doesn’t exist according to all the conventional wisdom.  Yes, even dissident right wing conventional wisdom.  Derive from this what you may.

It may be noticed that I write a lot about the role(s) of the stay at home mother and wife.  This is because many conservative subcultures coddle dysfunctional behavior under the guise of “traditional womanhood” when said behavior is neither traditional or necessarily womanly.

I am much more interested in developing a clearer understanding of the relationship between the agora and the hestia through the ages in various Western societies, particularly the Anglosphere,  and true complementary gender role practice than in some he-man woman-hater cartoon “patriarchy” where women are drudges and men fail to even honor their duty of protection and succor.  The latter is promoted by an alarming number of conservative subcultures and calling out the folly and non-traditional, unChristian nature of this false patriarchy that is simply disguised liberalism and misogyny is really a duty to those who have some free time to find out what real domestic history looks like.

The past is an open book, and it would be better for conservatives to actually read it instead of spouting advertising slogans from previous decades as “history”.  It would also aid conservatives to know what it would take to have normal family life and a healthy society.

A shorter catchier way of stating the above is that I hope to develop a useful synthesis of the continuum encompassing Andrea Dworkin and Phyllis Schafly, combining critical analysis with a more practical, functional approach to solutions.

Whether it’s worked out on a blog or in book form, it’s a five or ten year project, but I am an eternal optimist.

The comment policy is Steve Sailer’s: moderated at whim.



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