Self-driving cars are just kidnapping, ransom and trafficking opportunities.

AI or self-driven cars are a nonstarter because they ratchet up the probability of ransom and kidnapping of children and teenagers being a reasonable business model for bad actors in car-dependent areas.

And that’s giving the benefit of the doubt that the technology will both work and leap all legal hurdles to be in frequent enough use for bad actors to figure out they have a buffet of ransomable people tooling around higher-income suburbs and school districts.

A lot of childless young techbro men and a surprising number of older ones who should know better never consider the possibility that if you know cars have no driver but do have passengers, you can interfere with the driving technology and redirect the cars to where you want them to go and then you have captives who obviously come from higher-income strata (relatively speaking) and that means you have walking, talking, very scared sacks of cash sitting in an automated car.  

Given the newfound (oldfound, “white slavery” concerns are so 19th and 20th century) concern about trafficked people, it’s truly remarkable that self-driving car promoters think that married mothers in the “professional managerial class” (PMC or CEWC really) would love to put their children in automated vehicles with no trusted adult in them and that further, this isn’t just painting a target on people in such vehicles.  

An adult would be more able to notice what is happening than a 6-11yo child, but since the whole promotion of this is that you don’t have to pay attention to your surroundings, that may be optimistic.  

Of course, one has to remember that self-driving cars are promoted entirely because millionaire nerds in Silicon Valley are too antisocial to hire chauffeurs and would rather spend billions to avoid paying driver salaries.