Saturday is not so all right for writing.

I agree with this guy a little.  But mostly because research is all I’ve had any time or physical ability to do the last couple of weeks.  The research has been very useful for world-building, but I just haven’t had the energy to carry it into the world of the stories.  I built the firewood pile, but I’m too depleted to carry in some logs for the evening’s fire.

I never did get around to posting on Sundays, so I’ll put up a wealth post Monday.  I’d like to figure out some fiction writing system, but with the current upheavals, it looks like I’ll just have to wait until the big yellow ball in the sky is visible more than half an hour twice a week.  Because then the kids can run around under the sunshine and I can write in the shade.  We have a grove, although not as nice as the one we left behind in the deepwoods.   So at least for me, all accountability on writing fiction did was reveal that I need to restart in summer and hope the progress I make is enough to get me into a routine that can go toe to toe with the brutalizing winter and spring.




Saturday update #2

Haven’t written any fiction for the day, but if I manage it today or tomorrow I will post a Monday update.  This week was full of family emergencies that weren’t compatible with writing what I wanted to.  A poll about posting excerpts is below.  It’s worth considering.

Saturday writing update #1

Going to try something new to get more fiction done and “out in the world”.  And that is the one thing I haven’t tried: stating what I’ve done at regular intervals.

I usually work on two projects at a time out of a project pool of 10-12 ideas.  Currently I’m working on a “hard sf” novella and a post-apocalyptic or far-future short story.  The novella is complete as a story in its current form, but I have some backstory and details of the local setting I want to add in that will probably double the length.  The short story is perhaps 5-7 days in a row of writing to complete and yes I have performance/success anxiety over taking that last little step.  The other little catch with the short story is that it’s part of what I think will be 3-8 interlinked stories set in a common world.  Something like “The World Inside” by Robert Silverberg without all the pervotron parts.   So my brain doesn’t think of finishing one story as completing the mission, and maybe simply writing that out will help me over the hurdle and do the other stories too.

Anyway, long story short, this week I watched a documentary for backstory details on the novella and got some great ones to work in and I made no progress on the short story.  The plan for next week (I start weeks on Sundays) is to finish the short story and do an outline of the revisions to the novella.  I don’t think I need to see more than two or three more documentaries to get the kinds of details I want in the novella (food, social customs, male and female roles, clothing, how the houses and buildings look).

I have a lot on my plate this calendar year and the biggest obstacle to getting back to writing fiction regularly (3x/week or more) is that my days are filled up with kid-related logistics until next school year or another child is potty-trained, whichever comes first.  I used to find it strange how people would go off somewhere and binge-write for a few weeks a year and then nothing the rest of the year.  It’s usually a man thing, but it might end up being a mom thing in my case.  We’ll see how these updates help with avoiding that.