In 2019 1 baby in 29 was born to a mother over 40.

Not 45, 40.

By birth order, about 1 in 5 of those births were first births to mothers over 40.

Which is to say 1 baby in 138 was a first birth to a mother over 40.

The numbers are slightly higher than 2018 because there were fewer births among moms under 40, so those few 40+ births made up a slightly bigger percentage of the overall amount.

Can’t beat biology.

Boomers denied Gen X help and Gen X is shelling out on Millennials.

This is a note to self post to put up the relevant files when I have some actual free time, but it appears that the narrative around Boomers coddling Millennial children isn’t necessarily so.  It appears to mostly be older Gen Xers and not that many younger Boomers paying 20something rents and bills and backstopping their kids financially into advanced ages.  Boomers (and Silents) heavily and overtly didn’t support the oldest Gen Xers and the very youngest Boomers.

So now the cohorts that didn’t get much support and did work and school together now pay their kids to not work and focus only on school, which under current trends isn’t adding up to stronger earnings patterns or career trajectories, as would have been predicted by models around education completion.