We really are under a Labor vs. Capital divide.

The problem is that a big chunk of it is college-educated knowledge workers having their wages driven downwards and not understanding that they have class interests.  Instead, many of them buy into titles-over-pay and are happy to receive lower pay over time adjusted for inflation so long as they earn just a bit more than non-college workers.  And it is “just a bit” after you’ve bothered to adjust for the costs of the education ratchet and the fact that increasingly these knowledge workers are talking themselves into 2-3 degrees before getting that first job.

It doesn’t have to be this way, they could demand to be paid in money rather than ego-boost of making a few pennies more than those despised not-college types who probably don’t even have decent politics.  But it would mean they’d been bad at being smart and were instead talked into, er, voting against their own interests.

This is, by the way, misleadingly represented on the fringe socialist left as “professional managerial class” or “pmc”.

Why liberals want a high minimum wage.

Mildly updated variation on an increasingly evergreen theme.

They want lower class people to never have more than that.

To expand a bit, liberals desire a scenario where people with the wrong level of credentials make $15-20/hr and people with the right level of credentials make 100k or more.  Doctors can make six figures in a liberal’s world, but only if the pediatrician makes the same 300k as the surgeon.  And plumbers should never be able to make 100k, or house cleaners, or other blue collar work that doesn’t necessarily benefit from unions.

And liberals hate the idea of merit raises or raises based on experience (except in a union seniority context), so they want to lock in lower class people at a rate that will be both their ceiling and their floor (with only adjustments for inflation).  The liberals who dutifully promote “living wages” are the ones who’ll be holding the bag as jobs converge into those two massively income-unequal tiers based on acquisition of college degrees (even ultimately including what unionized labor remains).

Everyone should always just be paid “enough” for working, so no decisions have to be made about who worked harder, smarter or better to warrant additional pay.  I didn’t really get it until I noticed how liberals promoting ridiculous minimum wages never talked about how people could get raises and promotions and move up in the ranks under that new system.  And it’s because the people getting that $15/hr minimum wage aren’t supposed to ever have more, do more or be more.  And the surgeon should just want to do the extra training for the same pay as a pediatrician just because.

And of course, people with a BA should always make more than high school graduates with some hustle.

Some background on why I wrote this post : My experience locally especially, but even on the internets too, with most liberal-type people who want the high minimum wage is what I wrote. They don’t think you have to worry about raises and stuff if you just make it high enough (“living” enough) to begin with.

I live in liberalland where they nickel and dime the daycare and nannies they have but “support” “living wages” for “employees of big businesses”.

When I’ve lived in an upscale suburb, they didn’t want to pay for when the kid(s) were napping(!), even though the hourly wage they might offer was high, $15-25/hr is a usual range (I heard this both from women looking for nanny/sitter work interviewing with me *and* the nickel-and-diming women who hired them). I offered maybe a buck less or the same but I didn’t nickel and dime and would pay for days we didn’t need them but which were part of the schedule. It was still hard to find someone because people can’t do math or, perhaps, when you abuse people financially they develop Stockholm Syndrome when people wanting to pay fair wages for fair work come along.

Why Diversity is Bad for Sustainable Farming

Sustainable farming is all about the horrible exploitation of Mexican single mothers and slightly smarter brown women creating one middle-income job with benefits for themselves along the way as administrators of various “incubators” for small-scale vegetable farming.

What does it have to do with conservatives?  They could Notice that the stable farms producing local or regional food are not part of some baksheesh scam, but in fact are family enterprises that return profits and are mostly farmed by intact Christian families.  They could also point out that the “diversity” push is actively removing farmland from production and leading to less food produced over time, rather than more.  In the examples above, most of the land isn’t being farmed and what is being farmed is plots barely larger than a backyard garden.  The women farming those plots are worse off than actual sharecropping, because they’re never given enough land to make a full time income from, but they’re also not allowed to farm the entire plot as a group for the “incubator”.  It is the worst of independent “farming” of a backyard plot combined with all the regulatory hassles of having many masters as in a full-on collective.

There’s also fun stuff like requiring the immigrant single mothers to take college courses (that they have to pay for) to maintain access to the plots they do farm.

This is so horrifying I’m just going to put it up as it is and not try to expand on the numerous other examples of “sustainable” evil out there.

College for All leads to high wages for none.

It’s a bit of an exaggeration, but only a bit.  What giving about half of all folks under 30 bachelor’s degrees has done is created a situation where many of them want wage compression even though they don’t realize that’s what they are demanding.  But $15-25/hr “minimum wages”  or “living wages” are explicitly requests for a tiered system in which pay is comparatively low overall.

The reason is that when entry-level pay has to be high due to regulations, what you end up with is a system with two unequal tiers.  In the “uneducated” tier, wages are unstable, frequently not paid and employment is also unstable and exploitative.  If you can’t get a degree in the average college graduate Biden-supporter’s desired system, you’re condemned to spotty gig work where you may or may not be paid, depending on how the algorithm feels that day.  And as for recourse, you won’t have any, since there will be technically legal fig leafs for employers analogous to the infamous zero-hour contracts of the EU.

But it’s not so amazing for the educated tier, no matter what they think they’d get.  Because what they’d get is a credential treadmill (we already have signs of this) where you have to gain more and more credentials to get access to jobs that pay more than that “minimum” wage.  And the higher tier wage is just that, a relatively flat wage that would ultimately end up somewhere around twice the “minimum” wage.

Mass college education leads to a preponderance of platformed people with the pretensions of aristocrats– that is to say, wanting the accoutrements of a well-bred life– but without soiling their little soft hands with actual labor for wages.  So they absolutely want a wage scale where PhDs always make more than MAs (and where noncollege people have zero ability to ever make more than any college graduate) and where STEM degrees offer no premium above whiteness studies degrees because all credentials have their premium compressed into a single value.

This is a profound and ongoing failure of non-left political and social folks in America today.  By having no actual alternative to college for smart students, by rejecting so totally any kind of manual labor, this is where we’re already heading.   To a world where only politicians and people who are already multimillionaires/billionaires earn more than 100k or so per year, and where you have to keep going back to school to collect more credentials to retain your ability to interview for and get the high-tier jobs at all.

And where those who can’t do college are barely allowed to work at all because they’ll be swamped by masses of noncollege immigrants for whom unstable daywork in a wealthy third world nation is superior to unstable daywork in a poor third world nation.  We’re also already seeing signs of this.  It doesn’t have to be this way, but it’s going to keep going this way as long as people cling to a social climbing view that their little college degree makes them not still working class, or a hick, or whatever.  You still are, and all the pretensions about organic mac and cheese won’t change it.  Nor will supporting the media and political class eager to bar your very children from access to the upper-pay work (and if they can, shove them down into the intermittent daywork world in a heartbeat) no matter how much you say you hate Trump and are only personally pro-life.

I live among a lot of people watching their kids turn 24, 25, 26, cut off from the well paying jobs despite multiple degrees, and they still mindlessly rant about Rethuglicans eating all the healthcare up and quietly wonder when the kids will get a “real” job, they heard Sandeep’s kid just started at Google, after all.