Scutwork Diary, Day 10 (Less-sick day)

We have a truly astonishing number of towels. We thought almost all the “excess” ones were put away, but there’s so many more that were lurking in hidden places and spaces, like in the nightmare world under the kids’ beds. So we’re still whittling them down. But in the meanwhile the kids are sorting out their clothes by type and by the end of the week there is a good chance all that triage will be done and I can order any bigger clothes they extremely probably will need.

I’m finding it hard to come up with 500 words about how we did laundry as a family today, much less 1000 words to come close to “catching up” for my sick days wordcount-wise. I had a long term filing project in mind, something that would span the remainder of this quarter, but I haven’t quite laid it out yet. It would completely improve our quality of life and aid me greatly in any research or artistic expression. But I’m still not really much better and am pretty tired right now, so I don’t want to keep writing or go do any more housework tonight.

Anyway I took a break from writing this to do some stuff around the house and have dinner and having eaten something I guess I’ll keep going. Finding storage for the excess clothing and linens is turning out to be difficult with the “trapped at home” issue. Everyone in the house all day means it’s hard to methodically grab a storage item or set up some space because there’s just so much baseline household chorework to keep things from collapsing into utter grubbiness. But long story short, another day is reasonably checked off on the laundry triage and eight more days is still a pretty good estimate to completion.

As for filing longer term, I think I’ll be able to hash that one out tomorrow and get started. As a big project taking around eighty days, it’s going to anchor a lot of smaller ones the next few months.  While I do feel better, I’m out of energy to get to a full 500 words.

Project 1: Homeschool Consolidation, completed, took 3 days.

Project 2: Annual Castle Ladyhawke Remodel Design, still at day 1 of estimated 2 to complete.

Project 3: Laundry Triage and Scheduling, day 2 of 10 completed.

Project 4: Filing Consolidation and Organizing by Subject, estimated 80 days to completion.

Scutwork Diary, Day 9 (Less-sick day)

I’m doing better and have undertaken the Laundry Triage and Scheduling with T.W.O. We’re going to put extra linens and clothes in our luggage, because we don’t travel more than a few times a year, so it’s a good storage space for clothing, towels and bedding.

Based on symptoms, I appear to have a different, but gnarly coronavirus that’s been floating around a few years and bringing with it some immobilizing but thankfully not-exactly-fatal symptoms. It’s mostly controllable with hydration, which I’m not a fan of, being very traditional minded about fluids. But sometimes you have to drink your weight in ounces because you’re sick and it will help you stop being sick as long. I have vented my share of spleen about the unseriousness of the smart set regarding Wuhan coronavirus in many other places, so I won’t gum up my diarizing with any more of it.

Once the extra clothing is stored, we have to figure out which days are best for laundry and we have to get the kids to sort their clothes by type (shirts, pants, hats, etc.) so that we can finally throw out all the shredded items they’ve outgrown but insist on squeezing into because they like the logo or color or detail (say, sequins or ruffles or a stitched animal). Well, that was a long sentence. And that piece of the project itself will be a lot of work by day-count. I was really hoping this would be a four or five day deal, but with having to include small children doing stuff, it’s going to be more like ten or fifteen days. I think we’ll go with ten.

We’re still stalled out on finishing the remodel design, but I am hopeful we can wrap that up this week. I was well enough to make it outside for more than one minute, and the whole family came along. So much works out when the entire family can successfully go for a walk in the woods together.

It was really difficult to have so many days of unproductive illness. I reaped no invalid’s benefits from the time spent abed. That said, it could have been worse and I have the benefit of being mildly functional today. And progress was resumed on the work of ordering our home life so other non-housework goals can be accomplished in the coming months and years. Life, as the cool kids say, comes at you fast.

And it’s not really fair to beat myself up when I got all the school teaching done despite being really sick for nearly all of the school week and we’re even running a little ahead of the assigned schedule. I’m not lazy or unwilling to do difficult things when my body is weak. It can be an easy trap to fall into, but it’s a foolish one and the sooner I dump that bad attitude, the easier invalid periods will go for everyone, including the invalid.

Project 1: Homeschool Consolidation, completed, took 3 days.

Project 2: Annual Castle Ladyhawke Remodel Design, still at day 1 of estimated 2 to complete.

Project 3: Laundry Triage and Scheduling, day 1 of 10 completed.