Clawfoot tubs are cool in every era.


I wonder if T.W.O. will concur.


The Malachite Bathroom that never was.

We thought about it, because malachite is really, really, really impressive when used for walls and flooring.  But you don’t exactly get a range of color choices, so we didn’t.

Yes, we thought this would have been neat for a private home.

Also impressive for fixtures. We might yet copy this sink.

It’s medieval, just not terribly Western medieval.


Reviving Castle Ladyhawke

That is my current name for where we moved to.  It doesn’t look much like the former wedding venue, but it does have neo-medieval touches and flourishes we’d like to intensify.

Not actually our Castle Ladyhawke.

I hope it comes out as we’d like, but it’s a multi-year, multi-stage undertaking and we’re at stage “Hey, let’s blog-name the place Castle Ladyhawke because the movie’s aesthetic is one we’d like to put into our remodeling and additions!”