How many Zuckerbergs does it take to pay for Medicare for All?

One = 80 billion dollars.

The New York Times recently presented five estimates for Medicare for All.  They average out to 3.3 trillion dollars per year to fund Medicare for All.

So, how many s would it take?

The answer is 41 full Zucks and one quarter-Zuck.

That’s how many s you need every single year.

We don’t got ’em.


Total Fertility Rate (TFR) chart by household income from twitter

It’s not mine, but I’m not sure who did it, it floats around on twitter in fertility discussions.  If anyone drops me a line, I’ll add an attribute, or when I find time to dig out a reference.  It is estimated TFR by household income.  I will probably post some variations on this chart showing the percentage of children represented at each level of household income later this week.