Scutwork Diary, Day 4

Homeschool Consolidation was achieved. It didn’t look like what I was expecting, but then, that is one of the reasons I decided to make this whole diary happen. What I imagined was tidy shelves and all the paperwork neatly placed in clearly categorized stacks, and organized baskets of manipulatives. What I have is shelves that only contain homeschool stuff, not particularly organized, and manipulatives in baskets, but not tidily so. This is fine.

No, really, it’s close enough to serve the purpose I set out to accomplish. Everything homeschool is in one clear location, with plenty of room to hold a year’s worth of accumulated work for all the kids. That was the goal. So the fact that the neatness element wasn’t achieved merely reveals that it was a stretch goal. Those are good to have, but they aren’t essential to completing the core mission. And the deed is done, so that’s great news.

No progress on remodel design, but that’s as I expected, this weekend was pretty taxing along many vectors. I hope we can wrap that one up this week, and I think that will happen. My current concern is figuring out what to tackle next. I think it’s going to be something laundry related. We have too much of essentials like linens and underwear.

Normally I wouldn’t say anything like this so openly, but when you have two or three weeks’ worth per person, laundry gets backed up on more essential items like dresses, shirts, pants and skirts because “we have more towels/underwear/sheets, I guess laundry can wait another day”. So I think I’m going to do Laundry Spring Cleaning, but I’ll make a firm decision tomorrow. There will be many projects whose 2 or 3 or 4 days are done amidst weeks or months of other projects, and that’s also something I expected fairly early on, a mix of rolling projects and projects that were done within a few days of declaring them.

Life during a pandemic is stressful, especially when you’re trying to establish better habits so you are the person you wish to be ten years from now. Children don’t really grasp what’s going on or why food prices have skyrocketed and they really do have to eat what’s in the larder because there aren’t other options right now. It’s also strange how one takes for granted the incidental social aspect of leaving the house every day for an errand or a park trip or a hike or part-time school for the kids. Now that I don’t have to drive, *and am not allowed to*, I am far more aware of the lack of social contact, though it was not depthful most of the time.

Still, progress that is favorable is happening and I have a positive attitude about how this week will go. One of my children has a heretofore unknown but not all that unexpected gift for deriving Latin plurals without any foreknowledge of Latin’s not-exactly-intuitive structure. That’s not necessarily something that would have come up under the normal school schedule because that schedule is slower because it’s focused on early learners, since I have no middle graders. But it’s good to know and helpful in future language planning.

Project 1: Homeschool Consolidation, completed, took 3 days.

Project 2: Annual Castle Ladyhawke Remodel Design, still at day 1 of estimated 2 to complete.