Scutwork Diary, Day 12

I have a lot of work ahead and today was a day I didn’t see much progress on it. I think I’m running into a problem bigger than a couple days off per week can fix. Full-time homeschooling is eating me alive. It’s explicitly school at home in a way our previous part-time model was not. I started writing these about two weeks ago and I’ve just crumbled under the strains. My own physical illness, worrying that the kids might be sick too (allergies mostly for them, just a bit worse than normal), and the ongoing sadness at the poor behavior of the supposedly professional, managerial sorts.

Being too sick to go outside made staying in even more stressful, and what I have managed to get done is just a drop in the bucket. That I’ve stayed on top of education for my kids is not the comfort I thought it would be, and the drain means I still don’t have the energy to work on all these things I need to. There’s no time in the day with their schedules being heavier than if they did a couple of full days with their other teachers. I have to cover more ground, delve into subjects I normally don’t have to do and the whole thing is exhausting. And then it’s suddenly dinnertime. And then it’s time for bathing and bed for the kids, but I’m wiped out and have nothing in reserve to catch up on scutwork or any other work.

I’m paralyzed by fatigue giving me a massive case of idunnwannas.

And having taken some time since writing the above to read the Bible and pray with T.W.O., I’ve instead decided to shift gears to a project of Wuhan virus sanity management. To keep from falling into despair and inability to function because I live among unserious people in the Lion’s Den, I’m going to spend the next twenty days working on making adjustments to improve our quality of life for just this month. For me that’s resuming regular driving, for the kids it will be supervising more cleaning chores. They already have jumped into doing all the cooking, but cleanup afterwards we haven’t pushed quite as hard as we ought to on. I’ll add in some other things after we try the first two tomorrow.

Project 1: Homeschool Consolidation, completed, took 3 days.

Project 2: Annual Castle Ladyhawke Remodel Design, still at day 1 of estimated 2 to complete.

Project 3: Laundry Triage and Scheduling, day 2 of 10 completed.

Project 4: Filing Consolidation and Organizing by Subject, estimated 80 days to completion.

Project 4.1: Household Filing and Consolidation, day 1 of 20 complete.

Project 5: Wuhan Virus Coping Strategy, day 1 of 20 complete.