Supporting the support: Junior Classics reprint indiegogo project

Redacted Press is reprinting the first, 1918 edition of the Junior Classics.  The collection is mostly original, with some small additions from the 1958 edition.

The project can only be accessed via direct links like the one above.  If you’re interested in supporting beautiful, quality republications of excellent old texts, then this is a good project to back.  Any level of support is allowed, as far as I can tell.  It’s not required to pick a perk, although the perks are pretty sweet ones.  The project is 772% funded as of this posting.

ETA 10/31/2019: I’m stickying this post until the campaign ends in a fortnight because it’s truly an astonishing response.  It is 1040%  1148% (11/4) 1372% (11/11) 1437% (11/12) 1513% (11/13) 1809% (11/14 with eight hours left) funded.

Final ETA: The campaign ended at $566,247 with over 1900 backers and at 2055% of the original goal.  I’ll leave it stickied today and then move forward.  This was really a joy to watch the progress of.  There were even donations (backing multiple times or in multiple formats to give these books to others who couldn’t afford to support even at the digital level).