Apparently Unspeakable

Over at Thermidor, Nick B. Steves and PT Carlo sit down “to discuss the economic and social difficulties of family formation and patriarchy in the modern West.”  Guess how much time is spent on actual problems couples with multiple young children encounter and win a prize.




If you guessed zero minutes and zero seconds, congratulations. You win a sense of dull resignation to the fact that these people just aren’t serious.

The IT Ghost Dance Is Ending

Your hostess here at The Practical Conservative has likened belief in endlessly available  IT jobs to the Native American Ghost Dance movement.  Taking the metaphor a step further, Cloud Computing is the Hotchkiss Gun and the  IT Ghost Dancers are about to experience their very own massacre at Wounded Knee.

Companies are moving to Google Cloud, Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure at a breakneck pace and they’re doing it to avoid having to spend money on IT operations.  Americans with computer janitor jobs like sysadmin, DBA and network administrator are in the same place the Warsaw Pact’s teachers of Marxist-Leninism were in 1985.  It may seem like a great field now, but give it a few years.

To repeat one of the themes of this site, a way of life isn’t sustainable unless your grandchildren will be both willing and able to live it.


The Persistence of Names

Hrolf, whose name means wolf, believed in fairness. So did his boat crew. That’s why they were stroking their axes and glaring at the crews of Sven the long bearded and Ivar blood-hair. The plunder of the smoking monastery sat in a small pile between the three groups of men, and each seemed convinced that the others meant to cheat them. No one wanted to make the first move though, as that meant losing valuable men and no sane man wants to take to the sea in a half-crewed boat.

At length Hrolf spoke, “Sven will divide the spoil and put in in three bags. Ivar and I will choose a bag. Since Sven does not know which bag we will choose, he will divide it equally.”

Ambitious Goths were often named Theodoric, which means ruler of the people, and Theodoric was no exception. He watched the Roman army file slowly past the trees where his men were concealed with undisguised contempt. “The Romans drown in laws and schemes,” he thought, “their generals are politicians. But out here, we judge men on merit. We prove ourselves in battle and the best men rise.” He blew his horn and his steppe-warriors launched themselves at the unsuspecting Romans.

Centuries have passed. The name Hrolf became Rolf and eventually Rawls, who wrote about using a veil of ignorance to distribute goods fairly. Theodoric became Dietrich and then Thiel, who preaches meritocracy and funds enterprising men who disrupt the established order with the latest technology.

The Norse-Germanic peoples were not civilized before the arrival of Christianity, but knowledge of God’s law allowed us to impersonate civilized men with exceptional results. But now that most Norse-Germanic people are either unbelievers or antinomian, we’re seeing the instincts of the breed come back to the fore. Breeding tells in humans, just as it does in animals.

What are those instincts? A crude egalitarianism and sense of fairness that allowed hundreds of boat crews to form a great heathen army to plunder Wessex. A fondness for making laws combined with a discomfort at the use of the civil power to punish lawbreakers. A contempt for established social order and a willingness to upset it for a handful of coin.

Why is Sweden the rape capital of Europe? Why does England bristle with both security cameras and crime? Why are ancient communities being flooded with foreigners? What do you expect from Barbarians who have rejected the only civilizing force they have ever known.

The Practical Conservative – Now With 35% More Oppression

I was sitting there, minding my own business when my wife, your hostess here at The Practical Conservative, said to me, “White Oppressor, we need to help people make more babies on the Internet.”

Amusing misunderstandings ensued, but eventually it became clear that she was talking about advocating pro-natalist policies.  This seems like a noble goal, so here I am.  Multiply and replenish the earth y’all.