Cardio Mindset vs. Lift Mindset, the real Left/Right divide

The left has #cardiomindset. It works great for them. It keeps them chugging along doing boring scutwork towards a goal when the #liftmindset right just wants to grill after 5 reps.

An example of #cardiomindset: long commutes. Righties respond with buying audiobooks and listening to podcasts. Lefties respond with #ubi. The first is consumerist, passive. The second makes people work very hard towards the goal of being paid just to exist.

Another example of #cardiomindset: voter registration and voter assistance. The left revolves vast amounts of political activity around registering voters, helping people fill out ballots and hauling people to and from polling places and drop boxes. The right continues, to this day, to mulishly claim that it’s ridiculous to waste the effort, people should be adult enough to figure it all out themselves. It is very worth noting and paying attention to the rare righties with #cardiomindset about such matters and how they suffer more vituperation and anklebiting than lefties every time.

Righties view voting as a deadlift– set it up, get the correct form straight, knock it out and get back to consumerist life. Lefties view voting as an ongoing civic relationship that must constantly be initiated and renewed. Like using a stairclimber.

The right needs to get on that #cardiomindset level. Much of what they want to keep they won’t be able to (as evidenced by the shattering victories of #cardiomindset over the last 18 months) without learning how to buck up and at least give it a whirl for a few things here and there, many not even political, but more neighborhood-level, local and social. 



One thought on “Cardio Mindset vs. Lift Mindset, the real Left/Right divide

  1. A little late to the party on this, but the post reminded me a lot of the sneering done toward liberals during Obama’s re-election campaign. After he won the Presidency, people noted that it was the grassroots campaigning and “community organizing” that built support for him. Conservatives mocked the whole “community organizing” strategy at the time, but it’s exactly what made liberals effective in what they did versus conservatives.

    There’s a lot of parallels with how conservatives treat various strategies with contempt and then get all surprise Pikachu face when liberals use them effectively to get ahead.


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