The proletarization of the professional class.

We all proles now, as I’ve noted even among the elite class.  The conversion of the professional classes into a big old heap of wage-dependent salary serfs has been rapid, quite successful and the amazing part is that they don’t appear to have a problem with it for all their lengthy educations and presumed intelligence.

The professional class used to be a fairly heavily self-employed class, with the very mixed political and social views that a decently sized, moderately wealthy middle class would produce.

Now these professionals are salary dependent, and further, they have very little control over their salaries.  Working more doesn’t necessarily get you more money or a profit share or a stock bonus or a promotion.  It frequently just keeps you from being fired this year, same as a factory worker not in the union.  The independence of this class has been methodically stripped away in the last few decades, and every step of the way they were convinced that one more degree, or one more “skillset” would protect them, even as it never did.

One thought on “The proletarization of the professional class.

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