A PhD in three years? Maybe.

I’m an uneducated housewife.  However, I’m working on PhD-level work (at least, nobody without one appears to be doing what I’m doing, ‘cept me), so there is a small chance I will end up with one anyway.

It’s pretty clear I’ve been struggling quite a bit because I didn’t want to admit the situation was what it was.  It’s hard to accept I might have to work with people whose entire lives are devoted to views and practices regarding education that have directly made my life incredibly difficult and made educating my own children a home-based project, but I’m probably not going to be able to stay on schedule without accepting that it may be what I have to do to complete the mission.

So this is acceptance.  Also, about the only detailed public comment I’m making about Project Y’ this year and maybe next.


One in 11 households has a net worth of a million dollars or more.

That’s without counting home equity.  Throw that in, you get to one household in 8 with net worth of a million dollars or more.

From here.

Very few of these ~15 million households (including home equity) or ~11 million (without home equity) are non-family or solo-parent family households.  They are something around 20% of all married households (with and without minor children at home).

Food for thought.

California child-carin’


Needless to say, the college student parents have the sweetest deal in terms of total child care, but there’s several family and friend arrangements among the profiles that add up to a fair amount of childcare as well.  And the one working couple with a f/t nanny, paying the full cost of childcare is pretty noticeably different than the other families.