(not) Furnishing Castle Ladyhawke

We tried this but the kids have been turning the baskets into airplanes and robots instead of putting their clothes in them.  They seem to do much better keeping up with their ever-increasing wardrobes when they have actual dressers.  Life was so much easier when someone would just dump a load of near-new clothes on us after the last batch was shredded to ribbons by rough play and wearing tulle to climb the highest tree.

So I tried to go to a local furniture store and see what there was to see and if they could deliver it.  First place was closed, and second place was only a warehouse for the main store an hour away.  The third place bragged about their personal touch and unique styles.  I should have known better, but I was hoping to get an order in before the end of the month somewhere, with the 3 month lead times that are so typical with furniture.

I went in.  And this was the joy that greeted me.

Factory finish?

Only 299.99!

Reduced to UNDER 400, what a steal!

Anyway I got tired of looking at stuff that was in worse shape than even what my kids would do to some nice older-wood furniture and yet a lot of women with spray-tans and baseball caps seemed into it.

I will never get the distressed trend.  Also everything was skinny (no depth) but tooooo long.



16 thoughts on “(not) Furnishing Castle Ladyhawke

  1. Antiquing. Might go somewhere more rural and get a truckload, then refinish yourself. I’ve seen some LOVELY furniture in the Midwest – heavy and durable and proper.

    Also unfinished wood places have proper furniture. And you can pay them to finish it for you.


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