7 facts about American dads

Fatherhood in America is changing. Ahead of Father’s Day, read key findings about dads in the United States.

Source: 7 facts about American dads

Key takeaways.  Men worked about 2 hours more in work+home in 1965 compared to women, but now they work 6 hours more.  And both parents combined work 13 hours more in paid labor than in 1965. And the dual-income family vs. single-income family was already split evenly just five years later in 1970, with dual-income being 49% and single-income (dad only) being 47%.  Mom-only was 2% and it’s only 5% now.  The breadwinner mama revolution is somewhat overstated.

Median 2016 papa.


2 thoughts on “7 facts about American dads

  1. When I see these surveys, I always wonder how much respondents are just parroting what they’ve been told all their lives and how much they’re lying. It would take a pretty ballsy person in my cohort to say it ISN’T important to encourage their daughters to play sports, be good at math, and use tools. I’ve got a very feminine daughter and it’s clear some of my friends thinks this is unfortunate and something to be discouraged.

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    • Yeah those surveys never ask about what it’s like to have a boy who’d be boyish enough 100 years ago and probably even 50 but is “gender nonconforming” by some modern day standards.

      Our girls love tools, math and hard outdoor play and hiking, but they want to do it all in the laciest and tulle-iest pretty dresses ever. Which is also something that would have been normal-enough 50-100 years ago, lol.

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