Prediction: black SAHMs in the US will double before SAHDs

The stay at home dad revolution will not be youtube streamed or, like, happen.  Living where you actually run into them makes me solidly bearish on this.

Married black women, on the other hand, have experienced a pretty major demographic shift and it’s much more likely they’ll go from their current 5% SAHM to 10% SAHM.

Ancillary prediction is that nobody will be blowing up blue checkmark twitter or mainstream media about how great this is for feminism/black people/motherhood.


5 thoughts on “Prediction: black SAHMs in the US will double before SAHDs

    • reclaiminghertime said,

      “The SAHDs here pretend that they are looking for work.”

      It is a tough question–what is a SAHD?

      I suspect that there are a lot of guys who are functionally SAHDs but don’t use the term.

      Meanwhile, there are people who use the term who are actually mentally ill/underemployed/long term unemployed/unemployable etc.

      If I had to go out on a limb, I’d say that there’s a class difference, and that you usually have to reach a certain income threshold before the term SAHD gets used.

      Then there’s the issue of part-time employment. There’s a SAHD in our community…who also runs a well-known event venue. His wife has a Very Good Job and they are obviously rolling in it and what he’s doing is fairly high profile, even if it isn’t a full-time job.

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  1. But I can also count (without trying very hard) the following real life examples:

    –mentally ill SAHD who planned to homeschool but whose professional wife divorced him (the mental illness got diagnosed after they got married when he was having trouble dealing with their toddler)
    –professional guy with career-ending disability
    –“homeschooling” SAHD of large family with thousand yard stare who lets kids run wild
    –father of three with who quit job for no good reason with no new job lined up

    Come to think of it, as far as I know, all of those guys had wives with doctorates.

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