May reading update

I read 10 books for this month.

I read the entire Dark is Rising series.  It’s a Narnia-response series, probably.  Explicitly anti-Christian, not what I was expecting at all.  Once you take that into account, the Celtic and Arthurian mythos and the take on magic are pretty good.  It’s five books, that was half my reading for the month.  The rest was the Alt-Hero comic (cheesy, but I expected nothing less from a kickstarter superhero comic), Pinocchio (the original), Wind in the Willows (a very lyrical book), the first John Carter book and Larry Correia’s short story collection.

The first John Carter book (some call it “A Princess of Mars”) was not very interesting.  It was always easy to get to a stopping point with it until the last 1/4, when it picked up.  Larry’s short stories were mostly only ok, due to being heavily licensed fiction stuff of games and such I’m not familiar with.

The current count is 40 down, 60 to go.   I made progress with Hippies of the Religious Right, but not enough to write the rest up until a fortnight from now.


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