Reviving Castle Ladyhawke

That is my current name for where we moved to.  It doesn’t look much like the former wedding venue, but it does have neo-medieval touches and flourishes we’d like to intensify.

Not actually our Castle Ladyhawke.

I hope it comes out as we’d like, but it’s a multi-year, multi-stage undertaking and we’re at stage “Hey, let’s blog-name the place Castle Ladyhawke because the movie’s aesthetic is one we’d like to put into our remodeling and additions!”





2 thoughts on “Reviving Castle Ladyhawke

  1. My husband has done some coats of arms for the kids (cardboard and wood versions).

    A castle theme is cute in kids’ bedrooms. Middle Kid has a set of crossed swords (mock up, not sharp) and both big kids have a coat of arms displayed in their room.


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