If parents aren’t working 9-5, why chain us all to it?




These are some links from the Census about how for married, double-earning parents, Working non-standard hours is more common than 9-5.  There’s also some interesting things like non-standard working hours result in slightly higher likelihood of kids being in gifted programs and social clubs.


One thought on “If parents aren’t working 9-5, why chain us all to it?

  1. Or one spouse does, and one spouse does something else, and the gaps get filled in.
    But maybe this is because the parents are 1) capable of being resourceful 2) demonstrating practical intelligence/resourcefulness in their lives to their children (smarter parents/smarter kids) as well as 3) using the clubs as babysitting. (I speak as someone whose dad taught night school).

    No one works 9-5. 8-5? Yes. Or weird flex hours that are based off that assumption, just adjusted for sanity. But still 8+ hour days.


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