February reading update

I read 12 books for this month.  Two were from a trilogy very popular with Cure fans, four were a super cool post-apocalyptic maritime series with far future Franco-Asians who’ve mastered wind power and Islamic pirates and fightin’ Africans, three were novellas about a very cheesy but amusingly chaste “Master Thief”, one was from the military science fiction series There Will Be War, Castalia reissues.  One was book two in a cute, fairly clean new series called Magebreakers (book one is fun and cute too) and to make a round dozen, I also read a book strictly for the premise.  That one is about far-future humans being flung back in time to the Viking era of the 9th century or so and having to build a spaceship, somehow, for the future.  The guy got people to Kickstarter for it and I will be buying books 2 and 3, when he puts them out, just to see if they build that spaceship.


The current count is 22 down, 78 to go. I’ve also taken up reading the Bible near daily.  I’m still working on a target I can hit every day, but of late I have only missed a day and easily recovered from it rather than falling behind a week or more and feeling overwhelmed.


“Honey, I’m tired of steak every day.”

T.W.O. voiced this thought aloud a few days ago when we were going over how long it would take us to be unpacked.  His guess is late summer, mine is late spring.  I am always optimistic in such matters.

I laughed because it’s pretty funny.  Anyway I gave him the other half of my chicken salad and he was happy, although it sent him on a quest to learn all there is to learn about the caper.

We eat steak (frequently but not always on a bed of vegetables) a lot because it’s nearly impossible to mess up when you’re exhausted and the kids will sometimes eat a little of it.  But if they won’t it’s easy to give them eggs with their vegetables and let them eat bread for their starch.

His break was temporary, it’s going to be sirloin tonight. Which is, technically, not steak every day this week.

Nuts for nuts

So apparently a lot of kids are eating nuts.  About 1/3 eat them on any given day.  Asians weren’t broken out but white kids were at about 40% (over 40% among non-teens, with teens being around 1/3), while black and Hispanic kids were at about 25% no matter the age of the kid.

Higher income (350% of the federal poverty level or more) kids were at around 50% for non-teens with teens in that income range at 37%.  So higher-income households really love nuts.

About 75% of nuts eaten were by themselves or as part of a grain-based food.  Most of the remaining total was nuts as part of candy.


Source pdf: https://www.cdc.gov/nchs/data/databriefs/db238.pdf

Early impressions from the Lion’s Den

  • Crime is at night, in the wee hours.  There is not much of it, and it is almost entirely resolved by locking your car doors before going inside.  Apparently people (not cops though) telling other people to leave their windows down to avoid breakage just causes thieves to laugh heartily in a low-crime area and cackle at the easy loot.
  • More open attitudes towards occasional and part-time use of childcare while mom is home.  More teenage girls available to offer it.
  • Weirdly, living in million to two million dollar lakefront homes makes people hate property taxes with a burning passion not extinguished by taking the boat out for a lake barbeque.