What I’ve been reading

I recently finished the D’Artagnan Romances. which consist of The Three (Scandalous) Musketeers, Twenty Years After and Vicomte De Bragelonne.  The last one is around 2000 pages and usually split up into three books called Vicomte De Bragelonne, Louise de la Valliere and The Man in the Iron Mask.  The evolution of the Musketeers from rascally 20somethings to middle-aged men to men just waiting to retire and/or die is quite fascinating.  And there is lots of drama and intrigue and action.  And something like 3500 pages total.

I am currently beginning the very long journey that is reading the unabridged (and also steam coming off the 1200+ pages “mature”) Count of Monte Cristo.

I also read some Dorothy Sayers, a couple of memoirs by a 1940s housewife and Winnie the Pooh.  I read all of Narnia, and The Last Unicorn, which is truly magical.

I’m still working on Maria Montessori’s pedagogy.

I have also been reading some demographic analysis stuff, apparently looking into the increase in college education among women and how it was changing their family having patterns was all the rage and then it suddenly wasn’t, around the time they became a majority of all births (the 80s).

And I haven’t done more than glance at it yet, but I have a very interesting book about sorcery, the occult and Christianity and how the neo-pagans of the late 19th century were not creating something new and weird, but echoing long standing occult practices that had been aggressively hidden by Victorians wishing to represent an unbroken line of faithful and untainted Christian practice.  It’s actually about how much of this was carried over the sea by those English and Germans who “founded the country”, but it gets into backstory about the occult in Western Europe up until the 19th century.

I thought I hadn’t been reading much this year, but I haven’t even covered a quarter of what I’ve gotten through and I started on a couple other books.  I guess the Dumas being soooooo long makes it seem like I’ve barely read more than two books in six months, but it’s nowhere near that bad.


3 thoughts on “What I’ve been reading

  1. My son read all of Narnia this summer after my mother gave him my books from childhood. He was horrified to learn that I used to dogear pages.


    • Nonya,



      I know for a fact that there are is a lot of surviving Russian folk magic. In that particular case, the same people (namely grandmas) might be both transmitting Orthodoxy and traditional Russian folk beliefs.

      It would not surprise me if the same were true of Germany.


  2. The Musketeer saga. I found the last trilogy to be the most poignant. I read it French so I wasn’t prepared for the denouement. I did find that Dumas was unfair to Colbert. France problems come from Louis XIV’s constant warfare and building Versailles at the same time.

    Dumas did a good job of showing with the French revolution was coming. The crude police state behaviour and the crushing of civil society institutions st France on its collusion


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