The nuclear family is found where you can heat tiny houses more effectively.

See British Isles, Scandinavia, Germany.  Hajnal climate lines stuff. Precipitation and temperature links.


This is a supposition, the above are bits of research that would need to happen to prove it.


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  1. Also, in lawless, violent, high-mortality areas, there’s more pressure to marry daughters off early, just in case.

    See: Afghanistan.

    While prosperity can bring earlier marriage (for example in the 1950s in the US), it’s also true that peace and prosperity can give people the confidence that it’s safe to wait and marry daughters off in their 20s.


    • Interesting.

      Here’s a quote from there:

      ” Forced to rely on their own ingenuity, its members also needed to plan for the future and develop bourgeois habits of work and saving.”

      For one thing, with the need to form a separate household, the young couple needed to be working, planning, and saving just to become a young married couple.

      “But if we follow the logic of Berger’s history, another explanation presents itself: the children of married couples are internalizing their parents’ bourgeois aspirations and child-centeredness, both of which lie deep in the bones of the institution they have chosen to enter. Contemporary parents continue to marry late—at least those who do marry—and only after they are equipped to teach their kids the skills that they themselves have already learned. Their parenting style can be described as “concerted cultivation”: they devote great time and attention to developing their children’s skills.”

      It’s interesting to see such a realistic and friendly description of contemporary parenting norms in a conservative-leaning publication.


        • Eh, there’s been tons of articles about the historicity of the nuclear family, mostly in order to promote husband and wife only care (mostly wife only) of children and extreme individualism and consumerism as “traditional living”. It’s practically a canard at this point.

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          • I guess I’m just delighted to see it mentioned that in order to be a nuclear family, the young couple needed to be somewhat established and that they couldn’t just wing it.


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