A short version of most of my blog posts


Essentially, the information there, plus “White historical-Americans mostly came from that region, and replicated most of the marriage and fertility patterns and WHY DO PEOPLE WHO THINK EVERYTHING PEOPLE DO IS GENETIC  ARGUE WITH ME ABOUT THIS.”



5 thoughts on “A short version of most of my blog posts

  1. People are quite happy to acknowledge the Hajnal line when they are denigrating Slavs and Mediterraneans sadly.


  2. A good friend of mine of Scotch-Irish descent and raised in Appalachia handed me the book “Hillbilly Ellegy”.

    I started it today and was almost immediately reminded of this. Don’t know if you’ve read it TPC, but it might be something you’ll find interesting.


    • I read some pretty negative commentary on it, mostly that it wasn’t about Appalachians. I have been working very slowly on a book about 1950s-1960s Appalachians, I should post about that, it’s very clarifying.


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