Angela Nagle vs. Thermidor, blind squirrel edition

T.W.O., who reads different parts of the reactionary right than I do, mentioned that the “neoreaction” “magazine” “Thermidor” decided to review some very silly book by a left-wing woman about the alt-right. The review is overlong and fretful, but this part was about the only interesting detail:

“In the opening of Rousseau’s pedagogical handbook, Emile, for example, Rousseau takes contemporary women to task for abandoning their motherly duties. He argues that the weakness and fragility of modern man is likely a result of mothers abrogating their duties to their children. He rails against the use of nurse maids and severely reprimands mothers for poisoning their new born children with the sickly air of the metropolis rather than face the horrors of confinement in the boring and uncomfortable countryside. This all sounds like it could easily have been lifted from some Red Pill forum post, but this in Nagle’s interpretation is one of the founders of the Equalitarian Feminist movement.”

Nagle was right, though, unfortunately for the reviewer. The Rousseau model, where the entire burden of motherhood is on individual mothers without the assistance of other women is explicitly one of the germs of expansion of economic and political power for women, particularly married women and married mothers. All those center-left free ranging mothers didn’t burst onto the scene in a vacuum.


5 thoughts on “Angela Nagle vs. Thermidor, blind squirrel edition

  1. The book actually sounded pretty good, to me. I have liked her other articles, as well, particularly Paleocons for Porn. I disagree with her ultimate political goals, of course.


  2. “He rails against the use of nurse maids and severely reprimands mothers for poisoning their new born children with the sickly air of the metropolis rather than face the horrors of confinement in the boring and uncomfortable countryside.”

    So, country living AND no help with children?

    Wow! Rousseau was really swinging for the fences.

    That was also pretty bold for a guy who made sure never to raise any children himself.

    I gave the Wikipedia page on Emile a quick skim–is Emile supposed to be an only child? If so, tsk, tsk!,_or_On_Education

    “Rousseau states that women should be “passive and weak”, “put up little resistance” and are “made specially to please man”; he adds, however, that “man ought to please her in turn”, and he explains the dominance of man as a function of “the sole fact of his strength”, that is, as a strictly “natural” law, prior to the introduction of “the law of love”.”

    If she’s weak, how is she supposed to do all this work by herself?

    “According to Voltaire, Emile is ‘a hodgepodge of a silly wet nurse in four volumes, with forty pages against Christianity, among the boldest ever known…He says as many hurtful things against the philosophers as against Jesus Christ, but the philosophers will be more indulgent than the priests.’

    “However, Voltaire went on to endorse the Profession of Faith section and called it “fifty good pages… it is regrettable that they should have been written by… such a knave”.”

    One of these days, I owe it to myself to read Voltaire on Rousseau myself.


  3. To the article!

    “The boy sits in a room with his parents and a female guidance counselor as they go over the results, and he hears about his own above average intelligence and about his own failings in the realm of emotional development. Medication is suggested and eventually employed to help balance these incongruent elements of his nature. At the time the child lacks the emotional resources not only to resolve this incongruency himself but also to understand the ways in which the medication he is given affects who he is and what he feels.

    “In the post-Columbine world, it is this boy who finds himself in the cross-hairs of invasive psychosexual meddling by teachers who, as women influenced by Feminist oriented pedagogy, are in a deadly position to make grave and irreversible mistakes in how the lives of these otherwise innocent boys will develop.”

    This is kind of my turf, and I have to ask, what is the right answer? There are a lot of male, adult-diagnosed people with ADHD who wish they’d been diagnosed and medicated earlier because they went through high school and college failing and feeling stupid and lazy because of the mismatch between their intelligence and their achievement level.

    Also, bear in mind that in less “feminist” days, they used to beat school kids.

    If anybody feels nostalgic about the old days, read British school memoirs (C.S. Lewis’s Surprised by Joy and Orwell will get you started).

    “One story which always comes to mind in particular is that of Justin Carter, a Texas high school student whose life has been mercilessly destroyed by careless zero-tolerance policies and female busy bodies who believe they’re stopping another Columbine by interfering in a kind of black humor riffing that is, if we’re finally being honest with ourselves, something that can come quite naturally (and perfectly healthily) to teenage boys when left to their own devices.”

    Justin Carter (while playing League of Legends) wrote:” “I’m f***ed in the head alright. I think I’ma (sic) shoot up a kindergarten and watch the blood of the innocent rain down and eat the beating heart of one of them” followed by “”LOL” and “J/K.”

    The remarks came two months after the Sandy Hook massacre, in which 20 six and seven-year-old children were murdered by a troubled 20-year-old. Justin Carter, age 19, got arrested and was allegedly sexually assaulted in jail.

    Here’s a piece of advice for young people on the internet: don’t say things you don’t mean and don’t threaten to kill people. Life is going to go a lot more smoothly if you don’t go around threatening to murder kindergartners, especially right after a high profile school shooting.

    OK, my eyes glazed over and I didn’t make it through the Rousseau section. I skimmed hard, though!

    I did graduate school and had to read a lot of loopy left-wing stuff. Is this the right-wing version?

    Some pointers for the writers at Thermidor:

    –A stat or two won’t kill you (for example, do medicated ADHD boys do worse than non-medicated ADHD boys?)
    –Reading a book or two on the autism spectrum also won’t kill you. May I suggest Tony Attwood’s Complete Guide to Asperger’s Syndrome?
    –Say what you mean. Then stop. Then remove 1/4 of what you just wrote.
    –Have you considered Ritalin?


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