Fiction writing vs. blogging.

I have the usual obstacles of a mother of young children regarding writing at length, but I also have the difficulty of deciding whether to focus on fiction or continue poking around with nonfiction blog posts.

It’s a tough one, because I can’t put up the fiction as I go, nor can I really discuss it, since I may be working under pen names beyond the current one.  But I write fiction a lot faster than a blog post.  In the time I’m writing this, I could have just about done 500 words of fiction.  (About 10 minutes, btw.)

But on the other other hand, I’ve learned so many interesting things about modern American history and education, and some of them are helpful with the fiction.  It’s a dilemma.



5 thoughts on “Fiction writing vs. blogging.

  1. At least with ebooks fiction is the way to go; either mysteries, detective fiction, or thrillers. (and of course romance and erotica). In print other genres are still doing well, and SF and fantasy people like physical copies. I am not sure the exact topography of the print market.


  2. I write fiction and stopped blogging several years ago. Fiction pays better. I still miss blogging and may go back to it, but my blog posts weren’t as data intensive as yours and didn’t take me very long.


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