Why Ivanka Trump is a lovely example of a working mother.

Ivanka Trump has a new book out and I’m never going to read it, because in the news articles and her own little social media bits about it, I learned all I need to know:

  • She has two nannies for three kids.
  • She was happy to not only admit it, but even acknowledged their work by name.

This has gotten her excoriated by the press of course, but the thing is, Marissa Mayer of Yahoo built a multimillion dollar nursery in her office and was feted by that same press.   This is utterly unattainable for the average American mother, who is increasingly professional-class and in the top 10-20% of household incomes nationally.  Ivanka’s nanny setup, however, is attainable for two professional class mothers splitting the cost for 2-4 children, and possibly as many as 4-6 combined.

I think that is worth noticing and paying attention to.  Simply admitting that three closely spaced children just might take a lot of help from other women to manage reasonably is absolutely huge.  Thanks for brightening a housewife’s day, Ivanka!


2 thoughts on “Why Ivanka Trump is a lovely example of a working mother.

  1. Ivanka has been taking a lot of unwarranted blasting because she wouldn’t blast her dad on his views of her mother working. News flash people– the President made it clear that he wanted a wife to come home to, not a businesswoman who would keep talking about business after he got home. This was a change in their marriage dynamic that probably wasn’t agreed upon. It’s why he said he didn’t want his wives working in his business. I wish these people blasting her would realize that not all marriages are made the same.

    I’m kind of interested in reading her book now. Lord willing, if things go well and I do end up with littles, I will be pulling a leaf from her book or guidance. What people should be doing is praising her for acknowledging that a lot of working couples need help.


  2. I’m planning to read it as soon as the library’s copies come through. They have it on order. I don’t find that it makes me resentful. I’m over that. What it does is reassure me that being a mother is worthwhile. I have come to the conclusion that while conservative, traditional men may give plenty of lip service to the importance of the woman in the home and the mother raising her children full time, they really despise us for not earning money.

    They keep on reminding us about how they “go to work” every day. It wasn’t until a few days ago I got an idea of how strenuous my husband’s current job really is. It suddenly dawned on me how many hours I put in with homeschooling all my kids and the chores and my sewing business and making sure the kids followed through on all the chores my husband wants them to do — easily twice the number of hours and probably more and they are definitely more strenuous.

    Formerly it would have made me resentful, it’s true. But now I only find it amusing. I get the point, but this is the right decision. When the kids are grown, I will go back to work (I hope, if anybody will hire an old lady with an outdated credential), earn money and cease to be a ball and chain. 🙂


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