The IT Ghost Dance Is Ending

Your hostess here at The Practical Conservative has likened belief in endlessly available  IT jobs to the Native American Ghost Dance movement.  Taking the metaphor a step further, Cloud Computing is the Hotchkiss Gun and the  IT Ghost Dancers are about to experience their very own massacre at Wounded Knee.

Companies are moving to Google Cloud, Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure at a breakneck pace and they’re doing it to avoid having to spend money on IT operations.  Americans with computer janitor jobs like sysadmin, DBA and network administrator are in the same place the Warsaw Pact’s teachers of Marxist-Leninism were in 1985.  It may seem like a great field now, but give it a few years.

To repeat one of the themes of this site, a way of life isn’t sustainable unless your grandchildren will be both willing and able to live it.



3 thoughts on “The IT Ghost Dance Is Ending

  1. The really interesting thing to me, as someone who works in the private sector, is the observation that the introduction of massive waves of foreign IT workers seems to stall all progress in any development of internal data storage or use systems. In our Fortune 100 corporate environment, the basic IT infrastructure is stuck in 1970’s technology, and going nowhere. We have H1-B contractors who are supposed to be maintaining it all, and have *zero* incentive to improve or update the systems. At some point, these systems are all going to collapse or need to be moved to even more automated software.


    • Hahahaha. Choosing the software that runs the business is a decision a CIO/CTO makes once per career. You don’t change your GL/ERP/CRM/Inventory Management or Supply Chain Management system unless you absolutely have to. This is why Microsoft is stuck supporting 4 different enterprise financial packages they acquired but no longer sell to new customers. It’s why SAP is still going strong despite being based on a proprietary dialect of COBOL from 1973. Foreign IT workers have nothing to do with it.


      • Late comment, but yes, this is simply a reality. Exactly the main customer base of HP/UX, or OpenVMS: the software is still there and still does its task.


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