New podcast, Trump episode

The White Oppressor meant to say “former Commonwealth Nations other than Canada don’t have birthright citizenship.” Like MacDuff, it came out wrong.

Back to the less politically charged stuff next time.


7 thoughts on “New podcast, Trump episode

  1. I finally got a chance to listen to this podcast.

    I’ll disagree with you guys on Trump and immigration, but I’ll have to admit that Hillary’s foreign policy is a raging trainwreck, and it’s probably the main reason I’m not fond of her.

    And the whole issue of not helping Haitians…


  2. It’s rather interesting that you mention that companies don’t want to pay for the high wage skilled labour to maintain it, but I’m almost tempted to argue that given the high wages that skilled guys get around here, I think they’re making more than their continental European counterparts. The real problem is that nobody that’s smart enough is really willing to do that kind of work anymore, and secondly, privately owned firms simply don’t want to spend the capital expenditure to maintain their operations. The shareholders won’t tolerate high levels of spending because it interferes with their profits.


  3. I don’t know if your Monsieur’s theory about Singapore and Rwanda would really work here. We’re far too much of a free society to tolerate that type of social and political control needed to make it work, and the discontent of non-white minority groups would never let it work.


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