I must sing my joy

T.W.O. works hard to provide a roof and food for us, for our livestock and poultry, and for our household employees.  He even finds the time to lift big and post gains, when not indulging in other bagatelles.

I often feel frustrated, but it’s only because I have to complete the progression from planning 36 hours per day of work to planning merely ten.

I write about problems online because I have the resources, support and love to talk about them and occasionally make it to discussing possible solutions and strategies for coping when solutions aren’t possible or feasible.

I do what women have always done when they have that privilege.  And I rejoice in the fact that I get to be one of those women when my ancestors (of both Nordic and Negro sides, quiet as that’s kept) were often the women providing the means for other women to do so.


8 thoughts on “I must sing my joy

  1. I have to put babygirl through one last year of Catholic HS and then I’m getting household help (because although the hubs wants me to get it now, I don’t feel right spending the money on it at the moment).

    There are things I want to do and if I’m going to be able to do them, then I need help – it’s OK that we’re delaying it, but it’s going to happen. (You’ve actually been a huge factor in me overcoming my reluctance to get household help – and I’m extremely grateful – Thank You!)

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  2. Here are some good things about my husband:

    –he has a lot to share with our kids
    –he is very conscientious
    –he wants to do the right thing, no matter what
    –he isn’t fussy about the house
    –has ingenious MacGuyveresque solutions to household problems
    –good at putting together IKEA stuff
    –makes beautiful crepes with a sweet spiced ricotta filling
    –very good at taking kids to the pool
    –he’s the smartest person I know
    –has given me several lovely children
    –has a vocation, is good at his job, and never wants to quit
    –does not watch sports
    –likes British mystery shows
    –is not a spender

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    • I totally want a piece of this Amy P! My husband:

      – sets priorities well, not majoring on minors or obsessing over minutiae
      – works hard at his job and provides well for his family
      -is a man of excellence, never doing anything half way.
      -loves his kids and spends time with them one on one
      – can fix, build, or figure out the inner workings of just about anything mechanical
      -is a talented drawer
      -creates drawings of me that reveal a beauty my mirror doesn’t do justice
      – is a problem solver rather than a whiner rehashing what’s wrong in the world
      -goes out of his way to help others
      – Is wicked handsome, even at 43 with a silver beard. Fine wine.

      @ TPC: this was a cool post. I enjoyed it.

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  3. My husband is cisViking who can handle a maul, hunt, can wood work, and likes long walks by the lake. It’s also a huge benefit that my family is kind of intimidated by him.

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