Conservatives act like 1970s black Americans about male provision

Let me count the ways…

  1. Emphasis on self-employment because the (liberal) Man is prejudiced against their kind, without providing any meaningful reserve or protection against the volatility of this choice.
  2. De-emphasis correspondingly on male provision as an important part of being a husband, including discouraging men who want to do that as cavemen or delusional.
  3. Both overt and covert encouragement of women to produce the primary income in a marriage, either by openly promoting an egalitarian view that women can and do earn as much as men as sole or primary providers, or by defining the SAHM life as incomplete or lazy/leisured if there’s no income-generating going on.
  4. Related, but its own thing, pushing a “working homemaker” ideal where even if you do work full time or close to it, you are still expected to home-make at effectively a full time level too.
  5. Defending the extremely rare stay at home father as a paragon of manliness and as perfectly common and therefore something women should be expected to take seriously as a possible path in their marriages.
  6. Declaring any woman who talks about the importance of financial provision within marriage by the husband as a gold digger or money obsessed or not bringing a supportive and Godly spirit to marriage, etc.
  7. Raising daughters and loving sons.  This means encouraging girls to pursue practical options with education and prepare to earn a living while telling young men to follow their bliss and/or pursue self-employment and encourage this by not expecting them to work.

With immediately post-Civil Rights Act black Americans, some of this was not surprising and they did still have to face actual race prejudice making male employment riskier and more fragile even within marriage.  They also were looking at affirmative action preferences quickly shifting towards favoring black women over black men due to killing two birds with one stone (another reason straight quotas would have been less poisonous).

Conservatives, though, are doing a lot of this for ideological and unstated class reasons.  Many and probably most conservatives are not middle class but rely on declaring themselves such as a major part of their subculture’s cohesiveness.  But these are not middle class behaviors.


4 thoughts on “Conservatives act like 1970s black Americans about male provision

  1. Some thoughts:

    1. My (very white and very conservative) dad did the self-employment thing you mention back in the 1980s. I now realize it was pretty much as you describe it–with the addition that his emergency plan for hard times was his mom and dad. I don’t think he’s ever realized that, though. I’ve also belatedly realized that the secret sauce that pulled our family into the middle class in the 1990s was the fact that my mom, my sister and I started working full time during the summer in the family business.
    2. My dad did actually have the work ethic to make self-employment eventually work for him, but most people don’t. In fact, many of those most interested in self-employment are completely incapable of it.
    3. Anecdotally, the few SAHDs I have known had something wrong with them–mental health or career-ending physical disability.
    4. There’s also the related problem of the dreamer/entrepreneur, who is frenetically busy, but whose business enterprises eat up mom’s income. (I talked to one in the last year or two who would have been thrilled if her husband just went SAHD and stopped spending money on his businesses.)
    5. I suspect that as you go up the economic ladder, the men are (on average) more and more capable of earning more than their female counterparts, whereas as you go down the economic ladder, the women are (on average) more and more capable of outearning the men.

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  2. This is actually very apt and accurate. It’s no wonder too, why marriage is declining and more and more white families are experiencing what happened to black families over the past 40 years.

    What’s so odd is that so few people seem to see it. It’s really not rocket science, men bring things to the marriage equation, protection, provision, hopefully companionship and emotional support too. When men begin to question what they bring to the table or why they should have to bring anything at all, they no longer have any value in the equation.

    A lot of ‘spherian conservative men actually cultivate these very things, never protect women, always be emotionally remote, and make sure she always works harder than you. It’s a recipe for disaster because now you’ve managed to meet none of her needs, so really you serve no purpose in her life.


  3. @ Insanity Bytes

    It’s a recipe for disaster because now you’ve managed to meet none of her needs, so really you serve no purpose in her life.

    Then these same men will whine that they were “frivorced”. As if keeping a man around who won’t support his family isn’t frivolous.


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