Marriage and children in wedlock do cost 100k per year to have

Married-Couple Families in America By The Numbers.

This table leaves out the married couples with no kids under 18 in the house.  This is just a brief glance at where families in America are today.  This is all married couples of every race and ethnic group, of both native-born and foreign extraction, this is all of America that marries and has kids.  And it’s not cheap.

Related Children

In Family under 18

Median Family Income (dollars) Total Families % at $100,000+ annual family income

(number of families in parentheses)

1 90,630 9,843,227 44 (4,344,364)
2 92,322 10,077,382 46 (4,626,248)
3 78,000 3,985,394 37 (1,474,397)
4 66,040 1,172,703 29 (337,068)
5 57,302 307,165 28 (86,303)
6 50,000 99,034 22 (22,059)
7 70,000 37,525 27 (10,261)
8 or more 60,500 16,593 39 (6,419)
Total of all married-couple

Families w/kids under 18


Source: U.S. Census Bureau, 2014 data

Also very informative are the family size cliffs, particularly after three children and five children.  And if I pull data from about ten years earlier, the numbers are pretty much the same, even down to the percentages.  The medians are a little lower, but not by much.

In a smaller table, I’ll just list what the total percentage of families is if you go ahead and toss in the 75-100k folks to account for lower cost of living areas where money might go a bit further.

Here’s the percentages even if you call 75k the new 100k to raise a family as married folks.

Number of Children % of families earning

75K/yr or more 

(raw number in parentheses)

1 62 (6,120,213)
2 62 (6,190,910)
3 52 (2,075,235)
4 42 (493,219)
5 40 (123,006)
6 38 (37,954)
7 45 (17,114)
8+ 46 (7,604)


And there you have it.  A majority of households having kids in wedlock are not doing it on the cheap and significant pluralities are not doing so at larger family sizes.  Definitely something for conservatives to think about when discussing family and marriage issues.  Even at high incomes, it’s possible to feel broke raising kids these days because the prices are being set by very high income households.  This is a marriage canyon.


2 thoughts on “Marriage and children in wedlock do cost 100k per year to have

  1. I’m interested to know:

    1. If women quit the workforce tomorrow– let’s take all women in America– would it help drive wages up so men could earn enough to allow for 2+ children without making 100K a year?

    2. Do regional differences matter? Even within the same city?

    3. Considering many working-class women did have to work (historically speaking), how were their circumstances different then, compared to now?


    • There’s already a third or so of women SAHMing in this group of families. What I don’t know is whether conservatives have a higher or lower tendency for SAHMs (especially for kids under 6) than genpop. Will have to find out next year when I can go through the data more extensively.

      Regional differences don’t matter as much because globalization means standardization of the expensive goods of child-having. Among other things. Like, it is cheaper, relatively in Texas vs. New Jersey, but not that much because so much of what’s considered acceptable has become standardized by high-earning parents.

      Things are worse now in some ways for working-class women and better in others. Lower fertility, but relatively better income opportunities. Longer lifespan in most groups.


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