The white middle class needs black dysfunction and government handouts to exist as a middle class.

It is a canard of the alternative or dissident right that the black middle class is purely government jobs and could not otherwise exist.  It is a canard because the dissident right is astonishing in its historical ignorance and corresponding pretentious arrogance about history.  But the truth is that the white middle class is a government-funded creation too.  The massive edifice of expensively credentialed whites who are paid middle class wages and pensions to administer to (mostly) black dysfunction is just as much a bunch of makework projects as, say, the apocryphal angry black employees at the DMV.

And it is massive, consisting of psychologists, teachers, lawyers, nominally private sector business owners, and so forth.  Not to mention Information Technology, the industry that wouldn’t even exist without FDR’s cheap energy infrastructure projects.  Including rural electrification so that “self-sufficient” white people can indulge their “homesteading” pretensions funded by telecommuting jobs in IT.

This has been sitting around a long time, and while it was, some very naughty and unsafe for work alternative right folks came up with a podcast (podcasts I simply never listen to on general principle, but someone sent me the link with a summary of the podcast) in which they reverse the usual canards and agree with this post, which is pretty hilarious.

Related, the California dream was funded by Vietnam War spending.  Those good engineering jobs were bought with the blood of less connected and poorer whites (and some blacks as well).


4 thoughts on “The white middle class needs black dysfunction and government handouts to exist as a middle class.

  1. It’s increasingly true for Germany too. A LOT of natives work in fields now that are more or less connected to the social upheavel and dysfunction that comes with constant immigration from poor and uneducated Muslims.

    But when I was still little, middle class people use to have actual productive jobs.


  2. What folks need to understand is that a thing is not good or bad based on wether or not it was a government creation, but on it’s by products. As for the black middle class, my only concern is that they behave well enough (i.e., low crime, not obnoxious in public, etc), as long as they do that then, hey, public sector away baby. If people behave properly then they deserve some sort of gov’t assistance (not talking about welfare) from time to time, you need to reward folks for playing nice after all. The crude anti-statism of some alt-rightists is a bit overdone.


  3. As for that podcast you mentioned, I’m familiar with it but haven’t heard it in a long time. I don’t think that is really considered by too many to be a serious show. I never did anyway.


  4. a shocking percentage of middle class women work for the school systems, if my area is at all representative.

    I’m just getting familiar with your stuff. Very intriguing.


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