1599 Geneva Bible Prayers, Morning Prayer part two


Part two…

And because thou hast commanded us to pray one for another, we do not only make request (O Lord) for our selves, and for them that thou hast already called to the true understanding of thy heavenly will, but for all people and nations of the world, who as they know by thy wonderful works, that thou art God over all, so they may be instructed by thy holy spirit, to believe in thee, their only Savior and Redeemer, but forasmuch as they cannot believe, except they hear, nor cannot hear but by preaching, and none can preach, except he be sent: therefore (O Lord) raise up faithful distributers of thy mysteries, who setting apart all worldly respects, may both in their life and doctrine only seek thy glory. Continually confound Satan, Antichrist, with all hirelings, whom thou hast already cast off into a reprobate sense, that they may not by sects, schisms, heresies, and errors, disquiet thy little flock. And because, O Lord, we be fallen into the latter days and dangerous times, wherein ignorance hath gotten the upper hand, and Satan by his Ministers seeks by all means to quench the light of thy Gospel: we beseech thee to maintain thy cause against those ravening Wolves and strengthen all thy servants, whom they keep in prison and bondage. Let not thy long suffering be an occasion, either to increase their tyranny, or to discourage thy children: neither yet let our sins and wickedness, be an hindrance to thy mercies, but with speed (O Lord) consider their great misery. For thy people Israel many times by their sin provoked thine anger and thou punishedst them by thy just judgement, yet though their sins were never so grievous, if thy once returned from their iniquity, thou receivedst them to mercy. We therefore most wretched sinners bewail our manifold sins, and earnestly repent us of our former wickedness, and ungodly behavior towards thee: and whereas we cannot of our selves purchase thy pardon, yet we humbly beseech thee for Jesus Christs’ sake, to shew thy mercy upon us, and receive us again to thy favor: Grant us dear Father these our requests, and all other things necessary for us, and thy whole Church, according to thy promise in Jesus Christ our Lord. In whose name we beseech thee, as he hath taught us, saying: Our Father which art in heaven, etc.