Liberal feminists and the Manosphere have something in common– maternal misogyny

They get there via different paths, but they end up in the same place, piling on mothers for the crime of wanting to live in an actual community that supports them in the difficult work of raising children.  And if those mothers stay home, well, then the real flames and knives come out from cat lady hordes and the manosphere’s whiny guys demanding a 12 step system to guarantee them a virgin-harlot wife.

This person covers the intersection better than I could, though!


2 thoughts on “Liberal feminists and the Manosphere have something in common– maternal misogyny”

  1. I understand the frustration with the “it takes a village=socialism” narrative. But. It really does take a village. And without one, life is very very miserable for a lot of mothers (I say mothers because that’s what I know). I have trouble being sexy, sane, hard-working, frugal, employable, fecund, and spiritual all at the same time. I could have just said, “yep.”


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